You know all that cool jewelry we're collecting in the Akron Marathon Race Series this year? has just ranked Akron in its Top 10 bling category.

The four medals being given out in the local race series joined the likes of the Aloha Spirit medal from Hawaii, a hinged beach-themed locket from Ft. Lauderdale, swords and axes dangling from the Viking Dash Trail Run ribbon, and a gold-covered chocolate bar from Chicago as Best Race Day Medals.

See all the winners here:

Here's a look at Akron's jewelry from last year, since not all the medals from this year are available yet...

As a bonus this year, Akron is also giving out a nifty metal wall hanger on which to display your four medals (the fourth being a medal for having completed all three races in the series.)

If you want to see how that rack is made, check out this video from the Detroit company cutting them...

If you ran or walked the National Interstate 8k or 1 mile in June and are registered for the Goodyear 10k, then you are two-thirds of the way toward owning one of these...

Our hometown race also just ended up at the top of the list - twice! - at the website

The site crunched runner reviews and social media surveys in naming Akron in a four-way tie for Best Mid-Sized Marathon, and a five-way tie for Best Organized Marathon of any size.

That made Akron one of only seven marathons in the country to top two different categories, a feat matched by events in places like Boston and Chicago.

Hey, I'm just doing my part to motivate you to lace up your shoes and hit the trail :)

- Paula