We had 87 Blue Line Beginners at Saturday’s meetup. This time, Akron Marathon Executive Director Anne Bitong broke us up into three groups based on whether we were walking, running, or doing the walk/run style. You are free to change groups every week depending on your training level and ultimate goal. I wanted to extend a huge thanks to our coaches for the day. Anne led the run/walk group. Akron Police Capt. Sylvia Trundle and Danielle DeAngelis, a longtime marathon volunteer and racer, led our group of runners. And Akron Marathon staffer Katie Riley set the pace for the walkers. (Sylvia, Danielle and Katie pictured above.)

Next week: Same time, same place. 9 a.m., Saturday, at Firestone Metro Park’s 200 E. Warner Road parking lot.

If you are a beginning runner, the Akron Marathon is hosting a special community meeting at 6 p.m., Wednesday, April 19, at the Acme Freshmarket in Green, 3875 Massillon Road. I went to the walkers community meeting last month and it was very helpful! I know you’ll pick up some new tips.

Here’s the Facebook page on that event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1856140177976881
And if you're not on Facebook, here’s a website with more details: http://www.akronmarathon.org/training/partners-places.aspx

I won’t be able to make that meeting, but hopefully we’ll have some Blue Line Beginners there to absorb the info and help pass it on to the rest of us!

Do you know what tomorrow is? You're right. It's Mugshot Monday! Check back here so I can introduce you to some more of your teammates and learn what is motivating them.

For those celebrating today, a very Happy Easter.

- Paula