With less than two hours before the start of the draft, Browns General Manager Tom Heckert conducted a radio interview tonight with WTAM (1100-AM) at the team’s headquarters in Berea.

Here are some of the highlights:

Heckert said the Browns will probably keep the fourth overall pick instead of trading it. "We'll probably stay put,” Heckert said. “We feel pretty confident where we're sitting.”
Heckert acknowledged another team could leapfrog the Browns by trading with the Minnesota Vikings and moving up to No. 3. Heckert said some teams that are looking to trade up are talking to the Browns, too. “It’s not a huge deal for us,” Heckert said of another team trading up to No. 3. “We like enough players. We think it will be our No. 1 guy [who’s available at No. 4].”
Heckert also said he doubts if the Browns will use all of their league-high 13 draft picks. In other words, he’ll try to use some of the picks to trade up at some point in the draft.