Arizona cornerback Trevin Wade, whom the Browns drafted in the seventh round (No. 245), spoke with reporters tonight during a conference call. Here is a transcript:

(On the types of skills he displays) – “I'm smart, I have great ball skills and I can anticipate things that are coming so I don't miss a lot of tackles. I'm trying to bring a new, all around cornerback to the Cleveland Browns."

(On if he played in Nickel coverage at Arizona) – “My entire junior year I played (in) Nickel and Dime packages. I also blitzed, so I had to be in the run game and we did different types of coverage’s. During my senior year, I was in and out because we had some injuries to the secondary, so I am experienced at the Nickel position."

(On how comfortable he is playing man-to-man) – “We played a lot of man (man-to-man). The last two years, we played man-to-man as our main coverage, so I'm very comfortable with that. I'm also comfortable with playing zone (coverage) from the first two years we played it."

(On his short shuttle time at the Combine and how that fits with his athleticism) – “Yes, that's correct. I'm very good at changing directions very fast and also at full speed. That's what I was trying to show them in that drill, that I can point my head and turn and get from point A to point B sideways quickly."

(On possibly having a disappointing junior season and if he felt he needed to step things up as a senior) – “In the beginning of my junior year, in the third game, I got a right thigh contusion. I struggled from there but I just kept playing and played through it. When I was healthy the next year, I just made sure I was the top player that I am for my team."

(On his leg and shoulder injuries as a senior) – “I had a couple injuries towards the end of the season but I played through it. I think I missed one game, which was a coach’s decision. I came back the next week and played through it and now I'm healthy."