Notes, quotes and observations after the Cavaliers tied the franchise record for the longest-regular season winning streak with their 13th victory, 101-95 over the Sacramento Kings at Quicken Loans Arena.

1. Until Wednesday, the most memorable time the Cavs ran the play they call ‘Chicago’ was in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Bulls at United Center.

2. The game was tied and during a timeout, then-coach David Blatt wanted LeBron James to take the ball out of bounds. James vetoed that plan. He faked towards the middle, cut to the baseline and Matthew Dellavedova hit him with a pass in stride. James made a 21-foot jumper over Jimmy Butler in front of the Bulls’ bench at the buzzer to give the Cavs an 86-84 victory.

3. Afterward, James uttered the one of the most famous quotes of the Blatt era. “To be honest, the play that was drawn up, I scratched it,” James said that Sunday.

4. It was the same game when then-associate head coach Tyronn Lue, now Cavs coach, saved Blatt from calling a timeout with 8.5 seconds left by yanking him back towards the bench. Evening the series 2-2, the Cavs went on to win it in six and advance to the NBA Finals.

5. The stage was set for ‘Chicago’ again with the Cavs leading the Kings 97-95 with 20.6 seconds left. This time Lue said he had another play in mind.

6. “Then Bron said, ‘I want Chicago.’ So I said, ‘OK,’” Lue said.

7. Off an assist from Dwyane Wade, James hit a 25-foot step-back 3 with 16.6 seconds to go to keep the winning streak alive.

8. Ironically the defender was Kings forward JaKarr Sampson, 24, a member of James’ AAU team, the King James Shooting Stars, and a former student at St. Vincent-St. Mary. Sampson used to work out in the summers with James and was invited to James’ home to play on his private court.

9. James said he knew the 3 was going in.

10. “Yep. I was able to get the laces where I wanted them and I got enough space, I created enough space with the stepback away from JaKarr and I was able to let it go,” James said. “It felt good the whole time.”

11. As for the play options on ‘Chicago,’ James said, “Shoot it.”

12. “I don’t remember the exact time (on the clock) in Chicago when I made that shot, but it was very low. We drew that up on the fly and Delly gave me a great pass and I was able to raise over top of Jimmy and knock it down,” James recalled. “Ever since then, it’s been called Chicago. I have other options, but tonight with five seconds on the shot clock, it was up to me to try and make a play and I was able to do that.”

13. For basketball purists, Lue described the play as “a gaggle action on the weak side to get it to Bron with them occupied.”

14. For basketball fans, it was just another example of James’ improved shooting this season.

15. After going 12 for 18 from the field and 5 of 8 beyond the arc, James is shooting .587 overall and .430 from long range. Both are the best percentages of his 15-year career.

16. James’ .430 on treys is also blowing away the Warriors’ Steph Curry (.381) and the Celtics’ Kyrie Irving (.382). James is nearing Kyle Korver territory (.438).

17. “Bron is just loving taking over at the end right now. We are glad to give him the ball and watch the show,” Korver said.

18. James continues to the lead the league in fourth quarter scoring, at 9.4 going into Wednesday’s games. Kristaps Porzingis was second at 7.3; Kyrie Irving tied for fourth at 7.0. But James isn’t just piling up points in that period, he’s coming through in the clutch.

19. “He’s amazing,” Korver said. “He’s just demanding the ball. He’s like ‘Give me the ball, we’re about to win.’

20. “I’ve been around some guys who’ve had amazing years. I’ve been playing with him, and Derrick (Rose) when he was MVP. Allen Iverson when I was young. Guys who could just, man, amazing. But he’s taken this to a whole new level. It’s amazing to have a better than a front-row seat, because I’m usually on the court next to him somewhere.”

21. Those quotes from the man with the fifth-most 3-pointers in NBA history tells you all you need to know about what James is doing.

22. James isn’t sure which he prefers – a step-back to the left or right. But he’s made 8 of 11 of them this season, according to’s Chris Fedor.

23. “A stepback in general is just to create space,” James said. “It creates a rhythm for me and it’s not -- a lot of teams are not expecting me to shoot a lot of outside shots. But I feel just as comfortable out there as I do in the paint. So I’m just going to continue to improve my game where I’m keeping defenders and defenses off balance and they just don’t know where it’s going to come from.”

24. James changed his mechanics this summer due to a swollen elbow (more on that Thursday on, but the results have been dramatic.

25. “He’s shooting with a lot of confidence, not thinking about it,” Kevin Love said. “He’s really working on it in practice. He’s really, really shooting it well. Probably the best since I’ve been around him, day in and day out, that I’ve seen him shoot. I don’t see him slowing down.”

26. Wade referenced a recent observation by Korver when he said, “As Kyle said, he’s a shooter now. He’s for real. He’s legit. Every time he shoots it we expect it to go in, but it’s going in. We know there’s going to be a time where maybe one or two don’t go in, but we’re living with it every time.”

27. James said the off-season work was necessary because “shooting the ball is what this league has kind of turned into.”

28. “So for me to continue to improve, that’s what I wanted to do. I put a lot of work into my off-season training and I just try to implement it into the season,” he said.

29. To think James scored 32 points with 11 rebounds, nine assists, three steals and two blocks in 41 minutes after going scoreless in the first quarter.

30. It marked his 16th double-double of the season and his sixth in the past seven games. James has recorded seven double-doubles and one triple-double during the winning streak.

31. The best James play that didn’t involve him scoring came with 6:13 remaining. James stole the ball from Buddy Hield and streaked downcourt, finding Jeff Green with a perfect bounce pass for a running dunk that gave the Cavs a 91-89 lead.

32. “Our defensive strategy was great that possession. We were able to get a trap on Buddy Hield and he tried to spin into a double team and I was able to steal it,” James said. “I saw Kyle on my left and I saw Jeff hauling a--, excuse my language, but he was flying and sometimes you got to reward a guy like that. I don’t think the right side defender saw him streaking like that and I was able to give him a bounce pass right on the money. Listen, we know what JG is going to do with it when he’s running the court like that.”

33. The only negatives for James were his seven turnovers, which he noted, and a problem with his shoes.

34. He came out in black, but changed to gray before the first quarter ended. In the third quarter, he switched to a wine-colored pair.

35. “The first ones I put on, the strap kept coming loose. I don’t think the strap was long enough so a little malfunction,” James said. “The ones I switched into, the second ones, we weren’t playing well and I didn’t like the way I was feeling, so I took those off. And obviously the third pair felt a lot better.”

36. Asked if he changes shoes often in a game, James said, “Yup. It’s a mental thing.”