Notes, quotes and observations after the Cavaliers fell 108-97 to the Philadelphia 76ers Thursday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

1. While the outcome could play a part in a certain decision come July (more on that later), the final seconds will be remembered for what looked like some questionable sportsmanship on both sides.

2. Dario Saric followed up a driving dunk by Ben Simmons with one of his own that put the 76ers up by 10 with 12.2 seconds remaining when the Cavs’ Jordan Clarkson thought the visitors should be running out the clock.

3. So Clarkson took the ball after it fell through the net and fired it into Saric’s back before Joel Embiid rushed in to push Clarkson away from further trouble.

4. Clarkson was given a technical foul and ejected. But after the game, he wasn’t backing down.

5. Asked what happened with Saric, Clarkson said, “Uh, basketball. That’s it.”

6. Clarkson was asked if he was upset that Saric scored when the game was already over, Clarkson said, “Yeah, part of the game. If anybody say different, that they wouldn’t have did that, that they’d have did something different, or anything else, they lying. Especially if it was at that (point) of the game. They know what’s up. That’s it.”

7. Saric also made a comment to the Cavs’ bench after hitting a corner 3 for a 98-94 76ers lead with 2:09 remaining.

8. “Oh, I ain’t even see that,” Clarkson said. “You know it was just part of the game.”

9. In the visitors’ locker room, Saric was apologetic.

10. “It was not against the Cavs organization,” Saric said. “I saw Ben dunk the ball and I wanted to do the same. In one way, I want to apologize to them, because I finished that ball."

11. LeBron James did not want to comment on the Saric/Clarkson incident.

12. “Listen, they won the game,” James said.

13. Cavs coach Tyronn Lue insisted he didn’t see it.

14. “I thought he pushed him. I didn’t see what happened. He threw the ball at him? Oh, OK,” Lue said. “Well, I mean, he thought it probably wasn’t right he went in for the layup. I’m not sure.”

15. As the Cavs saw their 11-game winning streak over the 76ers snapped, that was just a sidelight. The issue was the Cavs’ stagnant offense, especially during an ugly third quarter, when they were outscored 18-15. The Cavs made 7 of 22 shots (32 percent) in that period, 0 of 5 from long range. James went 1 for 6, Rodney Hood 1 for 4.

16. “We just didn’t play with a lot of pace in the third quarter,” James said. “I thought our legs got to us a little bit. We weren’t pushing the tempo. We didn’t make any shots. I think we only had 15 points, they had (18). I think both sides are feeling the effects of the schedule. We figured it out in the fourth and just came up short.”

17. Lue believes he’s tried to install more in the offense than the four new players acquired at the trade deadline – Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., Hood and George Hill -- are able to grasp. It shows up in the lack of ball movement and pace.

18. “Right now offensively we’re just playing in thought too much,” Lue said. “It’s not fair to those guys that, you know, maybe we should slow down offensively. Adding is just too much for the guys right now. Just trying to think and play, it’s too hard.

19. “If you go back to our Boston and OKC game, they didn’t know any plays and they were playing better. You’re just playing free without being in thought. It’s a fine balance. Because you have to add, you have to get better, get ready for the playoffs, but I think right now it just ain’t fair. They’re not playing with speed, not playing with pace. A lot of times just calling plays on the fly and guys are like, ‘Am I over there or am I over here?’”

20. Lue believes he should simplify the offense, which James also suggested.

21. “We don’t want to be as predictable, especially in the postseason. I think right now there’s so much that we’re trying to fast-track that it can become too much sometimes,” James said. “It’s tough on our new guys. It’s seven games (the Cavs are 4-3) and we’re trying to put a lot in for these guys. Maybe scale a little bit back and see if us just trying to play a little bit faster and play a little bit more open is a better thing for our team.”

22. James knows the Cavs need to work on offensive sets, but they’re playing every other day, with two back-to-backs thrown in, through April 6. The Cavs’ regular season ends on April 11 and the league starts the playoffs on April 14.

23. “There’s not much practice time. We’ve got an opportunity to watch the film, see things we can do better, shootarounds kind of go over a few things,” James said. “But I think playing on instincts with the guys that we have could benefit us a lot more for the immediate time.”

24. Overthinking could also be affecting the Cavs’ 3-point shooting. In the four home games the new four have played, the Cavs have hit 37 of 125 (.296) from 3-point range.

25. “It can, but we just gotta make shots,” Clarkson said. “It happens sometimes. We know we gonna miss ‘em, but if we miss shots and we make mistakes on defense, it’s kinda the formula for losing.”

26. Larry Nance Jr. agreed with Lue’s assessment that the Cavs are thinking too much.

27. “A little bit, yeah. When we were in Boston and OKC and even Memphis it seemed like we were just out on the break and running and having fun,” Nance said. “Not even thinking about half-court sets or any of that, we were just getting out on the break and LeBron attacking and the rest of us just doing our thing. We’ve just got to get back to just running, thinking less and playing the game. We all know how to play the game. We’ve got to stop worrying about fitting in and just play.”

28. When told that Lue plans to simplify things, Nance said, “We’ll see what he means by simplify things. It’s not like we know too many plays right now.”

29. The new guys are not the only ones in an offensive funk. Jeff Green has played in six of the seven games with the new players, sitting out Tuesday with lower back soreness, and hit 2 of 13 from 3-point range.

30. “I think changing our team … I thought when Channing (Frye) and those guys were here he had the ball in his hands a lot and was making plays and he was orchestrating,” Lue said. “Now we have a different team of guys who can score and the second unit can make a play, so the ball hasn’t been in his hands as much. Searching for that balance.”

31. Defensively the Cavs struggled guarding 76ers rookie of the year candidate Ben Simmons, a 6-foot-10 guard/forward, and 7-foot center Embiid. Simmons gave Cavs rookie Cedi Osman fits as Simmons scored 18 points on 8 of 14 field goals, with nine rebounds, eight assists and two steals.

32. Asked what kind of matchup problem Simmons presents, James said, “The same one I bring. Power, speed, quickness, size, court awareness.”

33. Embiid scored 17 points, making 7 of 18 shots, with 14 rebounds and six assists. He also made a 13-foot turnaround fadeaway that put the 76ers up 100-94 with 1:28 to go.

34. “That last shot he hit, the dribble-spin-fade, there’s not a soul in the league who can guard that,” Nance said. “That’s one of those shots he makes and you just tip your hat to him like, ‘Great shot.’ I played the best defense you probably could on that. I thought I gave him a hard time all night. I thought both Tristan and I gave him a hard time all night. He’s a great player, so things like that are going to happen.”

35. James passed Michael Jordan and moved into fourth on the NBA list of most career 20-point games with 927. It was just another milestone this week, with the biggest coming Tuesday when he became the first player to reach 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds and 8,000 assists.

36. “There’s a lot of them I don’t even know about until I hear them from you guys,” James said. “I think it’s pretty cool anytime I’m mentioned with some of the greats, or one of the greats in Mike. It’s a pretty cool accomplishment and I know at the juncture at my career playing at this level I just want to try to continue that.”

37. The best moment by James came with about eight minutes left in the first quarter. Splitting a double team, James dribbled behind his back, then bounced the ball through Tristan Thompson’s legs, caught it on the other side and went in for a layup.

38. "It was planned for me to go behind my back. It’s not planned to go between his legs, but some of the best alley-oops are some of the worst passes,” James said.

39. James didn’t know what he’d done until halftime, when someone from the NBA showed it to him.

40. "I was like, ‘OK, yeah, that’s probably one of the best plays I’ve had in my career,’” James said.

41. While the game had a playoff intensity – the 76ers are sixth in the Eastern Conference, the Cavs third – there was also the undercurrent of James’ future. If James opts out of a contract and becomes a free agent in July, Philadelphia is one of the cities that has been mentioned as a possible destination, although not by anyone in James’ camp.

42. Embiid, whose nickname is “The Process” seemingly started the 76ers’ lobbying, posting a picture on Twitter of he and James laughing after the game along with the comment, “Trust The Process??? Always a great time playing against one of the best to ever play the game #summer2018goals.”