Browns General Manager Tom Heckert did not attend the NFL Scouting Combine because he is recovering from heart surgery, President Mike Holmgren said this afternoon.

"He had heart surgery," Holmgren said. "He's gonna be fine. Actually, he's a very healthy guy now. He had a blockage in an artery. They found it, they went, they fixed it. But it lays him up for a while. This was done a couple weeks ago.

"He's coming in (the office) tomorrow. He's gonna work a little bit. I'll kick him out of the building, and it's according to the doctor's plan how much he can do these sort of things. He's gonna be an integral part -- it won't change anything in his involvement in the draft. Little by little, by the time the draft comes up, he should be back in here working full time.

"The good thing is they did the surgery. His heart muscle is good. They just had to clear the tubes just a little bit. That's what's happened with Tom. That's why he missed the combine.

"He did not have a heart attack. He came in feeling kind of funky. So they took him in and they did what doctors do at the Cleveland Clinic. They found. They fixed it. He should be good to go."