Browns veterans Joe Thomas, Phil Dawson and D'Qwell Jackson reacted today after practice to the news that owner Randy Lerner is in negotiations to sell controlling interest in the team. Here are some of their reactions:

Joe Thomas

(On the team’s reaction to today’s news) – “I think everyone is pretty surprised. I don’t know if that was something anyone was really thinking about.” 

(On if it affects the players) – “It really doesn’t. The job doesn’t change for us, we have the same guys in the building. From an ownership standpoint it doesn’t really affect what goes on from a day to day standpoint in this building.”

Phil Dawson

(On if he was surprised with today’s news) – “Yeah, everybody always speculates. I read the stuff that’s out there, but I certainly didn’t expect to hear that today. With all due respect to the significance of the news, it really doesn’t change anything for us out here. Most guys have never even gone upstairs in this building. Our little world is out between these white lines and we’re going to continue to focus on that. There are a lot of good things taking place. It will obviously affect us in some way, but I can’t stand here now and tell you exactly how, but other than to say it’s not going to affect us as much as people might think. We just come out here, play football, try to do what our coaches say and we go home at night and go to bed. That’s pretty much how it goes.”

(On if he is optimistic, encouraged or hopeful for this new season) – “All of those. I like what I’m seeing out here. There is always the first day buzz and everybody is excited and positive and all of those things and that’s how it should be. The guys seem to get along really well. We’re just getting started so it’s hard to give you any true vibe, but we have a lot of good things taking place here and I’m excited to see where this team can go.”

D’Qwell Jackson

(On if he was surprised about today’s news) – “I think we all were. Coach Shurmur addressed the team and we all have a job to do and that’s to win games around here. We can only control what we can and obviously, Randy Lerner felt it was in his best interest to start negotiating the team. He has run this business for a long time so you never know what he has going on, but the guys in the locker room, we have a job to do and that’s to win games. That’s going to continue to be the motto.”

(On if this will be a distraction) –

“No, I think the coaches have it handled. After he addressed it earlier today, there hasn’t been any discussion about it. We are in camp right now and we’re dealing with the bumps and bruises and trying to revisit the system. We have a lot of rookies that will help and we will be caught up in what we are doing. It shouldn’t be a problem at all.”