INDEPENDENCE: While no timeline for a return has been established, center Andrew Bynum says he’ll “definitely” play this season.

The Cavs were the only team willing to take a $6 million chance last summer on Bynum, who missed all of last season with the Philadelphia 76ers. He is running up and down the floor, working on basketball moves and dunking, but he is not yet playing 5 on 5 and everyone within the organization is careful not to put a projection of when to expect him to play.

But he most certainly will play. On that, Bynum was adamant.

“Definitely will play,” he said.

He said the same thing last year in Philadelphia, but never made it. The Cavs are optimistic this will be different because of how they are handling his rehab and how hard he has worked since signing.

Bynum has been at the facility nearly every day since July. He has dropped about 18 pounds and now weighs around 290, although he still wants to lose another 5-10 pounds.

While he won’t call this his last chance, it probably is.

“I felt like my approach had to change,” Bynum said. “I have to be more of a professional now than ever. Before I might come in and work out really hard and it might take an hour-and-a-half or two. Now my day is much more time-oriented. We have to make sure we target every single part of my body. My approach to the game has been a lot better over these last 2 ½ or 3 months and I’m looking forward to continuing it because I feel good.”