CLEVELAND: Dion Waiters insists he is happy in Cleveland and does not want to be traded in the wake of an ESPN report that he approached general manager Chris Grant and coach Mike Brown about getting out of Cleveland.

“It’s just nonsense,” Waiters said. “Like I said since we had the team meeting, it’s been nonsense. There’s been things thrown out there that haven’t been true at all. At the end of the day that’s what they get paid for.”

Waiters’ name has been involved in speculation and trade rumors following the Cavs’ heated team meeting two weeks ago. A league source said Wednesday the Cavs have received calls from other teams regarding Waiters, but have not made any.

Waiters was pulled from the starting lineup after that team meeting, but a team source insisted it had nothing to do with what transpired during the meeting. While C.J. Miles has been out with a strained calf muscle, Brown has elected to start undrafted rookie Matthew Dellavedova at shooting guard ahead of Waiters, whose move to the bench could be permanent as long as he’s a member of the Cavaliers.

Waiters and Kyrie Irving have struggled to develop an on-court chemistry together. ESPN reported Waiters is unhappy playing alongside Irving and believes he is given preferential treatment.

When asked if he and Irving can coexist, Waiters said, “that’s up to us. Both of us have to sacrifice for one another. Until then, we have to keep finding the chemistry.”

Asked if he and Irving are sacrificing for each other, Waiters said, “It’s a new system. It’s early. We’re still trying to get situated in a new offense. Time will tell. We just have to be patient and hope that it will work, have faith in the offense and Coach Brown. Hopefully we can turn this thing around.”