Browns coach Rob Chudzinski met with reporters today after practice. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

Opening statement: “This Sunday’s our last test for the season. Our guys have had a great week of preparation in getting ready for the Steelers. I’m looking forward to playing them and ending the season strong.

“Let me give you an update on injures. (DB) Joe Haden will be questionable; he’ll be a game-time decision. (TE) Jordan Cameron is also questionable; he’ll see an independent neurologist later on today and determine whether he can play or not. (OL Shawn) Lauvao and (OL John) Greco (are) both questionable, (DL John) Hughes is doubtful. Then (OL Jason) Pinkston, (DL Phil) Taylor and (TE Andre) Smith we’re listing as out for the game.”

On how Cameron did in his first practice since his concussion: “Moved around, ran around well. He looked pretty good.”

On potentially not having Haden playing on Sunday: “Well, the next guy has to step up. We’ve practiced that way all week long. Actually practiced that way for two weeks in that regard. We’ll expect whoever gets the opportunity to answer the bell.”

On whether Haden (hip pointer) sustained a setback in last week’s game at the Jets: “Just the normal course of playing during the course of the game. But there was nothing new to it, to the injury itself.”

On the importance of ending the season in strong fashion: “It’s something that we really want to do. I know the guys are committed to doing that, to finish with that taste in your mouth, to finish the season strong. Like I said, we’ve had a great week of preparation and the guys are ready to go and we’ll be excited about playing this game.”

On how important it would be to beat every division opponent once this season: “That would be big. Certainly, I don’t know that that’s been done before in the AFC North by the Browns, so it’s something that would mean a lot.”

On if a win at the end of the season could carry over into next season: “It can. It depends on how you handle it and what that meant during the course of the season and for the course of the season. At the end of the day, every season is different; every season is new. You like to have some momentum if you can at the end of the season.”

On if winning is more important than acquiring a higher draft pick: “I don’t think of anything else other than winning and giving ourselves, and doing the things to give ourselves, the best chance to win.”

On OL Garrett Gilkey: “I thought Garrett’s done a nice job. He did a good job in the game. Again, he’s learning to play the position and I think that the extra practice time and being involved that way has helped him.”

On how DL Brian Sanford will help the team: “He would be another guy in the rotation up front that can help us. I was impressed with Brian as far as his recall of the system and the terminology. He jumped right in there like he hadn’t missed a day.”

On LB D’Qwell Jackson: “I’ve talked a lot about D’Qwell, his leadership and the things that he brings, not just from an on-the-field standpoint, but off the field. I have the utmost respect for him.”

On if Jackson still looks like he is playing at a high level: “He’s played well this season.”

On Cameron providing a lift for QB Jason Campbell and WR Josh Gordon if Cameron plays: “I think that anytime you can get guys who can make plays and certainly, Jordan has proved that this season, that he can do that. It helps everybody to have another weapon out there and another guy that can help.”

On if Cameron is playing at a Pro Bowl level: “That’ll be determined by the voters. I think he’s really come on and come out of nowhere in our eyes, in my eyes, from a guy who we weren’t sure about, to a guy who’s proven that he’s a playmaker, and a guy that can help you win games.”

On if he feels a foundation is being built with several players potentially making the Pro Bowl: “I do. I think that’s important. It’s important that guys have played their best or had their best seasons. The coaches, the work they’ve put into it, and those players, the work that they’ve put into it, and some guys are really emerging out of nowhere that were question marks. I think those are all good signs and all indicative of the direction that we’re going.”

On DL Phil Taylor’s season: “I’ll get more into that in the offseason, but certainly Phil was a big part of the defensive line and what they did up front. There were times where people couldn’t run the ball in there and around there. He’s improving and he’s not a complete player, in that he still has room to grow and he recognizes that. I’ve been pleased with his work ethic and how that’s improved. I think he’s, again, a player that has his best days ahead of him.”