Here are 13 Walk-Off Thoughts after the Indiansí 5-1 win against the New York Yankees Thursday night.

1. But really, itís all about Corey Kluber, who is in the midst of a dominating run that has put his name up there with some of baseballís all-time elite.

2. Entering Thursday, only three pitchers in baseball history had ever struck out at least eight batters in 12 consecutive starts: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan. When speaking about strikeouts, thatís a pretty great start to a Mount Rushmore of sorts. Kluber is now the fourth to pull off that feat, striking out 11 in a complete game Thursday night.

3. It was his 13th career complete game and the third this season. It was also his 11th double-digit strikeout game this season. He has now struck out at least 10 batters in nine of his last 10 starts.

4. Those are ridiculous numbers and an exclusive club. The Big Unit. Pedro. The Ryan Express. And Klubot. That is, obviously, very elite company.

5. Terry Francona, on Kluber being in that group: "Extremely [cool]. And it's through hard work. We've talked about it before, there were times when he was in Triple-A where he was getting hit around a little bit. And then he got here and he got on that roll, and instead of being comfortable with what he did, he just took it to another level. And that's as far as work and routines and all that stuff. Saying we're proud of him is probably an understatement."

6. Bostonís Chris Sale would unquestionably be the American League Cy Young winner if the season ended today. But since June 1, Kluber hasnít really had a match in the league. Since he came off the disabled list following his back injury, he has a 1.77 ERA and 131 strikeouts in 86 1/3 innings.

7. Yan Gomes has been with Kluber for a long time. When asked how early he can tell when Kluber might have a night like he did on Thursday, he said, ďHonestly from the first pitch, you always think heís going to. Sometimes youíll see some of his pitches start to back up, but like I said, heís able to come up with another pitch and make it the best pitch of his day. He knows how to pitch with a lead. Whenever we do get a lead, he pounds the zone and goes right after it. It just helps him that his pounding-the-zone pitches are pretty nasty.Ē

8. Aside from having the pure stuff that Kluber has, and his well-known work ethic, one of the things that separates him is his ability to make in-game adjustments. On Thursday, it was an adjustment with the 4-seamer.

9. Gomes: ďI think I say this every time. Heís able to make adjustments every time that I havenít seen many, even on the other side, do. Like today, he was throwing his four-seamer more than he has before. Itís one of those things, everybody talks about his two-seam and curveball, and heíll still put guys away with his curveball because thatís something that weíre going to do, but getting ahead with the four-seamer, especially against some of their good lefties, you donít expect a guy that usually doesnít throw them very often toóI think today, it was 75 percent of the time from the two-seamer to his four-seamer was mostly four-seamers.Ē
10. The Indians have repeatedly praised Gomes for how he manages pitchers during games. For Gomes, itís a balance between relaying information and not allowing pitchers to get into their own heads because of it.

11. Gomes: ďIíll usually try and take care of that part. I donít want him thinking at all out there. There will be some times where heís like, Ďthis pitch is not feeling it, letís try to go to something else,í but then heíll find it later on. Heíll make that kind of adjustment. Thereís some guys that, he even told me, ĎI donít know if they thought I didnít have a four-seamer,í because they were taking a bunch of them. Itís one of those things that when something starts working, donít stop it, just keep going.Ē

12. As Kluber has said, he appreciates the accolades and numbers, but doesnít get too caught up in them. Itís one of the reasons the Indians tell their young pitchers to do what Kluber does. Or, at least try.

13. Francona: "I actually really respect that in him. There was a couple of pitches tonight that were borderline, that may have cost him the home run. He doesn't say anything. He comes in, whether he's mad, you can't tell. I think that's really important. The other team can't tell either. You try to tell our younger pitchers and other pitchers to watch because it's important. He knows what he wants to do, he works so hard where he's able to do it, he keeps himself in great shape, he doesn't get tired. It's fun to watch. It's nice when you get some runs to spread it a†little bit out so you can enjoy it a little bit.Ē