INDEPENDENCE: Kyrie Irving returned to Cavs practice on Sunday and believes he'll be ready to play in Tuesday's season opener, but he still must be cleared by team doctors.

"I have confidence I'll play Tuesday, but it's up to the doctors," Irving said. "I feel good right now and we'll see going into game time."

Irving had all four wisdom teeth extracted on Wednesday and was bed-ridden for a couple of days. He said he lost about 5 pounds, which is the amount of weight he put on in muscle over the summer.

"All†that work I put in and Coach Scott calling me Hercules, thatís all out the window," Irving joked. "Those five pounds I dropped Iíll probably gain back in the next week or so, but wisdom teeth is no joke."

Prior to Sunday's practice, coach Byron Scott handed all 15 players on the final roster hand-written instructions of what he expects from each of them this season. Everyone had the same instructions for Nos. 1 and 2: Defend and rebound.

"This way there will be no confusion, now we have it on paper," Scott said. "I asked everybody today if they needed any clarification on it. If they do, they can come talk to me about it."