Kent State football held is first practice of Spring camp Tuesday and many eyes were trained on the quarterback battle between newcomer and junior college transfer David Fisher and senior Spencer Keith.

Both players held their own on the first day of practice at Dix Stadium, receiving passing grades by the Flashes coaching staff.

One aspect that should make the 2012 season easier for whomever is behind center when the season starts this fall is a new cadence in the huddle that was adjusted to simplify the quarterback’s job.

“It helps make it easier so that our heads aren’t spinning every time we go up to the ball,” Keith said.

This, coming from one of the smartest players on the team – a mathematics major and member of KSU’s Honor College. Keith’s 3.82 GPA last season earned him a spot on the Academic All-MAC Football Team in January. So if it was tough for him last season, it would be tough for anyone.

“Spencer is a real intelligent guy and so is David,” said Brian Rock, the Flashes offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. “And I think they’re both competitors. There’s a lot more similarities than there are differences, probably by design a little bit. Because to run this offense, we’re looking for someone who’s smart and has leadership qualities. I think they both bring those things to the table."

One additional thing Fisher brings to the table is the ability to not just scramble out of danger, but make positive plays with his feet. Yet, regardless of who wins the starting job, the Flashes offense will pretty much look the same.

“We’re not going to change too terribly much,” Rock said. “It’s not like we’re going to install a David Fisher offense and a Spencer Keith offense. We’re going to do what we do. That’s one of the things I’ve been stressing to Spence, that maybe to David (running) comes a little bit more naturally to him, but that’s to run to get himself out of trouble. But I think if we can enhance that element of the offense, it’ll force defenses to be a little bit more honest.”