Mark Cuban has a way with words, a natural ability to incite with insight. He is a self-made maverick, keeping it real with a well-planned rant.

He is Richard Sherman without the dreadlocks, in our face on the digital prowl.

When Cuban blogs, the news media beckons, typically with requests for him to say more. By spinning ideas and selling himself, he has become a reality television star in addition to being a billionaire NBA owner (of the Dallas Mavericks).

“He says things that are pretty unfiltered, but I do have to say that he sees the big picture,” said Glen Hiemstra, the founder of and a consultant to corporations on long-range planning. “He’s what we call a big-systems thinker.”

On the subject of what’s to come, Cuban recently made news out of essentially nothing when he predicted that the NFL “would implode in 10 years.”

In a five-point Facebook posting expanding on original comments made to ESPN, he contended that the sports industry’s undisputed leader would eventually be done in by excess along with the growing consciousness related to its endemic health risks.

“Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” was Cuban’s breakout quotation, to which the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, his NFL neighbor in Dallas, responded with some down-home Arkansas attitude.

“I know more about pigs than Mark does,” said Jones, an Arkansas graduate. “I was taught as a Razorback to be lean and mean, not a little fat pig.”

GROUNDED ROCKETS — Dwight Howard and Pat Beverley missed the Houston Rockets’ game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday because of injuries.

Howard is day to day with a left ankle strain, and Beverley has a torn meniscus in his right knee and is out indefinitely.

DAVIS INJURES ANKLE — New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis did not playing against the San Antonio Spurs because of a left ankle injury.

Davis injured the ankle 4 minutes into New Orleans’ home game against the Utah Jazz on Friday night.

New Orleans coach Monty Williams said Davis, who is averaging 21.3 points per game, is day to day.