Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd

Height: 6 feet, 2† 5/8 inches.

Weight: 220 pounds. projection: First-round pick.

Breakdown: Floyd said he has talked to the Browns, who desperately need to upgrade their receiving corps. If the Browns decide to target Floyd, he might be available when they're put on the clock with the 22nd overall pick -- assuming they don't trade the selection. Floyd said he takes pride in being a well-rounded receiver. He said he's comfortable playing outside or in the slot, blocking and, of course, making big plays. "I think I have all the capabilities," he said. "Not saying thereís stuff Iím the best at. Thereís stuff I need to improve on for sure. But (I'm) just making sure I have (everything) in my arsenal and Iím ready to learn." Floyd has faced questions about his character at the combine. He was charged with a DUI last January, one of three times he was arrested during his time at Notre Dame. Now he'll try to convince NFL teams that he has changed. "I went to alcohol classes at school with a certain counselor and with a whole bunch of kids from Notre Dame that were kind of going through some problems, too," Floyd said. "It was a good experience and I liked it. ... I think I've grown a lot. Coming to the NFL, now I think you do have to mature a great deal. ... This is a professional sport and you gotta act like a professional."