Ohio State president Gordon Gee is apologizing for comments he made about Southeastern Conference, Notre Dame and Catholics.

You can read the full story from Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins here. 

Ohio State trustees chairman Robert Schottenstein criticized Gee. Here is the full statement from Schottenstein:

"At the January 31, 2013, meeting of The Ohio State University Board of Trustees, the Board was made aware of certain offensive statements made by President Gee during a December 5, 2012, Athletics Council meeting. These statements were inappropriate, were not presidential in nature, and do not comport with the core values of the University. For the leader of a renowned university, inappropriate comments about particular groups, classes of people or individuals are wholly unacceptable and are not in line with what we aspire to be as an institution of higher education. As such, the Board took swift action - in conjunction with President Gee, who has fully acknowledged the inappropriateness of his remarks - to address the problem from a personal and professional standpoint. The Board has met with President Gee at length to discuss the ramifications of his statements and develop a plan that addresses these missteps. We believe the president understands that his adherence to the principles and values of the University is absolutely necessary for achieving the significant goals and shared priorities of this institution. In light of this, the president is participating in an ongoing remediation plan to address his behavior that reflects the Board's commitment to returning to the core messaging of the University and its leadership. We are hopeful that this course of action will be beneficial to President Gee, the broader community and the University going forward."