San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker said he might miss the Olympics after revealing he almost lost his eye in a New York nightclub incident earlier this month.

Parker was at the club when a fight broke out between musical artist Chris Brown and entourage members of hip-hop star Drake.

In an interview posted on his website Sunday, Parker said an additional round of medical tests last week found that a shard of glass had “penetrated 99 percent” of his left eye. The injury was initially thought to be a scratched cornea.

“I can say today, I almost lost my eye,” he said, adding that it negatively affected him mentally. “I hallucinate. I just spent eight days trapped in my hotel. I was not allowed out to prevent infection. I was so afraid that I have not left my room. I asked myself many questions. I cannot believe that happened to me a month before the Games. Every two hours, I have five different products to put in the eye.”

Parker said he would decide on the Olympics after consulting with a New York eye specialist July 5. France begins play July 29 against the U.S. team.

“The Spurs are very worried,” Parker said.