Here's what former Ohio State and Glenville High school star Ted Ginn Jr. had to say Thursday during Super Bowl media interviews.


(on what it feels like to be at the Super Bowl) Im just grateful for the opportunity to have a playoff run and to go to the Super Bowl. Its great.

(on if he ever thought he would get to the Super Bowl) I knew one day I was going to be here. It was my goal. If I was going, I was going to fight for it to happen. For it to happen sooner rather than later in my career is great. It shows what kind of a team we have to put runs back-to-back.

(on what he likes about playing for the 49ers) Its all football. Its just in different cities and different spots. The 49ers just have a little more tradition, and they have a lot of big time people coming from the area. Its just great that Ive had the opportunity to play for the 49ers. Most people dont have the opportunity to play for a big time team. Its been an honor to play for the 49ers and to go to the Super Bowl playing for the 49ers. Its a great experience and Im just trying to enjoy it.

(on how he felt about his role this year) Im a team player at all times and I just want whats best for the team. I have enjoyed it and now Im fighting for the Super Bowl. Everything before that is really forgotten about. Im right where I want to be, and thats the Super Bowl. I hope we go out and win and make plays. I want us to enjoy this together, no matter who plays.

(on if he would like to have more of an impact in the wide receiver role) Yeah, for sure, but most of the time when youre on championship teams, you have to sacrifice. Look at LeBron (James) and Dwyane Wade and (Chris) Bosh; theyre all number one picks. But when they had to come together as a team, they had to give up something. You just have to give it up. Im not saying you cant do it anymore, but just not at that time. There might be somebody else that can do it better, or its the right time for them to do it. So, you just go out and control what you can control, and you play the game.

(on reflecting on his years in Miami) I have no bad feelings toward Miami. When I was there, I had good times. They have a great coaching staff. It is what it is and its a business. I dont think it was my playing, personally. I think it was a business move they had to do and sometimes that just happens. I got the best of the deal though.

(on living up to the expectations of being the number nine pick) I cant help what was going on with my team at the time. I control what I control. My first year, I had eight quarterbacks. It was tough but I enjoyed it. It was the life of an NFL football player.

(on how he feels being called a draft bust) There are a lot of them out here. Its all about how you change it around. It is what it is and its not going to stop me from going out and playing. If Im a bust, Im a good bust.

(on what he thinks the future has in store for him) I just hope we get this win and well see after that. Im still going to be me and do what I do.