2.97 ó Hanley Ramirez hit a home run Tuesday, and it didnít take very long to leave the yard. Ramirezís shot cleared the wall at Dodger Stadium in 2.97 seconds, the fastest any ball has left the park for a home run this season.

10 percent ó To show that some measure of luck is always present in baseball, entering this past week Michael Bourn (10 percent) and Jonny Gomes (9.4 percent) had nearly identical infield hit rates, per David Cameron of FanGraphs. Bourn entered the games Friday with 287 career stolen bases. Gomes has 48.

WAR Update ó According to FanGraphs.com, only one player in baseball has added five or more wins to his teamís total thus far: the Detroit Tigersí Miguel Cabrera. Cabrera is hitting .368 with 22 home runs and 78 runs batted in and has a Wins Above Replacement of 5.1. Last year Mike Trout and Cabrera finished the year 1-2 in WAR, thrusting that stat into the Most Valuable Player conversation. Thatís true again, as Trout has overtaken Chris Davis for the No. 2 spot with a WAR of 4.5.

Pitchersí WAR ó WAR isnít quite as popular of a statistic for pitchers as it is for hitters, but it does exist. To this point in the season, Adam Wainwright is the lone pitcher to reach 4.0. Cliff Lee currently is in a tie for third place with a 3.4.

406 ó The first game of Friday nightís doubleheader between the Indians and Chicago White Sox featured 406 total pitches. According to Elias, thatís the most pitches thrown in a nine-inning game since Aug. 25, 2011, when the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees combined to throw 427. The Yankees won that game 22-9.

ó Ryan Lewis