Browns coach Pat Shurmur met with reporters today after practice. Here is a transcript from the news conference:

(Opening Statement)- I really dont have anything to add other than that Im going to rule out Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Colt McCoy, Jordan Cameron and Sheldon Brown. Im going to rule them out. That being said, Thad Lewis will start and Josh Johnson will back him up. At the other positions the guys will just slide up.

(On how Lewis has done this week)- Hes done great. Hes had a good week of practice. Hes been preparing himself to play all year even though he wasnt on the active roster. We anticipate and what we expect is that he goes out and plays winning football.

(On if he has to pare the game plan for Lewis and Johnson)- Thads going to go out and execute our plays. If Josh has to go in and play, Im certain hes going to execute the plays well that we call for him.

(On Brown snapping his streak of consecutive games played)- Its probably disappointing for him. Unfortunately, he had a concussion and theres protocol. Thats kind of out of our hands. He ran out of days to come back.

(On Montario Hardesty getting the opportunity to start)- Hes excited. Ive been happy with Montario and what hes done this year. He obviously doesnt have the number of carries that he would have liked, but the ones he has had have been meaningful. Well use him as a starter and Brandon Jackson will spell him much in the same way that we use Trent and Montario. Of course, Chris Ogbonnaya will play as well. Well use all three backs. Well get them in there and let them do their thing.

(On if Weeden or McCoy will need surgery)- No. I think I said that earlier in the week, but Ill tell you again.

(On if there are things about the Steelers defense that he has to point out to Lewis)- I think theres enough evidence of how they play. We have the first game against them, plus their style of defense hasnt changed in years. Whats important for Thad is to execute the progressions and get the ball off on time and not rush things, just be urgent and go play his game. Im confident hell do that.

(On how glad he is that they kept Brandon Jackson this year)- Ive been pleased with what hes done all year. Unfortunately, he would have like to have been playing. Hes had a good week of practice. Hes been very professional about all this. He stayed positive about his role. I anticipate when he gets in there well get some good snaps out of him.

(On what getting this experience will do for Buster Skrine and Trevin Wade)- I think both of them have played quite a bit this year. What I would expect them to do is, again go out there and play winning football and build on the reps that theyve had so far.

(On if he views it as a challenge to coach all these guys that have little experience)- Any different than every game this year? No. Were putting a team out there and were going to do what we can to win on Sunday. I think thats the challenge. I know our guys are excited to go down there and play. We would love to end the season with a victory. We know that will only happen if we go down there and play winning football.

(On how he assesses Weedens rookie season)- I think thats a question probably for next week, but there are a lot of things that Im very, very happy about watching him play. Then of course, now that hes had a season under his belt, hell come back here in the offseason, much like a lot of quarterbacks in this league that went on to have really good careers, just pick one. They all had rookie years where they were much better in their second year. I think hes shown quite a bit this year thats good.