MINNEAPOLIS: How many things can a manager try when his team falls into a hitting slump, a pitching slump or both simultaneously?
   The Tribe has lost nine of 13, and manager Manny Acta has tried to rest players, call off outdoor batting practice for a few days and who knows what else behind the scenes.
  “”All I can do is prepare myself for each game as well as possible, so I can put my players in the best position to succeed,’’ Acta said today. “”That’s the only thing I can control.’’
   Nevertheless, Acta also knows the score.
   “”A manager’s record is always zero (wins) and however many losses the team has,’’ he said. “”We lose every single one of those. But managers understand that.’’
   Acta was not anticipating the Tribe’s latest swoon.
   “”My opinion: I was expecting us to play better than we have,’’ he said. “”I was not expecting to take a step back. As of now, we haven’t met our expectations at either end (pitching, hitting).’’