The score reeks of here we go again at 56-14, but it’s too early for Zips fans to worry that they will have to sit through another woeful 1-11 campaign.

Coach Terry Bowden said that he wasn’t expecting upsets or miracles in his team’s season opener against the Central Florida Knights.

“For us to win this game we would have had to be almost perfect,” coach Terry Bowden said. “It was a slow death, but there wasn’t much we could do.”

Indeed, the Knights looked dominant but the Zips had their opportunities.

The Good:

Dalton Williams is going to be a lousy quote for much of the season, but he’s probably going to end up being an impressive leader on the field.  Although he was visibly frustrated at one point with his receivers, he refused to express that in post-game interviews.  No one could have blamed had he.   They had a serious case of the dropsies throughout most of the game.  There were bright spots as L.T. Smith caught seven balls for 87 yards and a score.  Marquelo Suel matched him with seven receptions and a score along with 62 yards.   Williams, though he missed a couple of open receivers, was confident and in control for the entire game.   Here’s the upshot:  when the receivers are catching the ball the offense clicks.  The proof: an 80-yard drive to open the second half by the Zips.

Defensively the Zips showed that their first line offense might be able to bring some heat harassing UCF QB Blake Bortles on plenty of occasions.   Cody Grice, a Firestone High School product, led the defense with eight tackles and Troy Gilmer came up with two tackles for losses.

The Bad:

The running game could not get on track – at least not Jawon Chisholm.  Part of that may have been due to the fact that left tackle Jarrod Pughsley was hobbled by a left ankle injury.  The other contributing factor could be that the Knights have a damn good defense.   It should be noted, however that running back Quentin Hines averaged better than six yards per carry on six attempts.

The Ugly:

The Zips committed four turnovers, including two inside their own 10 yard line.  They also allowed UCF to rush for 206 yards for the game.