Iíve gotten a couple of questions from Akron Zips fans asking how they can watch tonightís game against the Central Florida Knights.

Have you got a minute?

A regular avenue for getting college football games out of market usually comes courtesy of ESPN Gameplan, but a quick look at their schedule shows that none of tonightís opening season games, including the Zips-Knights, is being aired on a pay-per-view basis.

Whereís that leave Zips fans?† Good question.

It appears the only option available involves streaming the game in any number of ways.

If you have Apple and Android devices, including tablets and smartphones, there is the WatchESPN app available at iTunes or the GooglePlay stores, respectively.† It provides access to a list of ESPN programming including the online service ESPN3. Itís better still if the device of choice has an HDMI output or a wireless connection that allows streaming to a television thatís larger than 10 inches. †Note: to use the app on all devices you need to have a video service provider.

For those without a device to do that, thereís still time to go for one of several streaming options available.

For those who own an Xbox 360, the WatchESPN app is available there and itís fairly easy to download and setup.

If you donít mind shelling out some cash Ė and given that thereís a possibility that several more Zips football games and several hoops games will end up on ESPN3 Ė go pick up Apple TV for $99 at an Apple Store, there are a couple in the Cleveland area and customers from most of the Akron area can reach one or the other and still have time to set it up prior to kickoff.

Lastly, if you have a home computer network along with a game system (PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii), turn the console into a home entertainment hub with Playon TV.† Having experimented with it a few years ago and looked at it as an option for viewing the Zips, I reactivated it Wednesday night.† Itís easy to do, relatively inexpensive and the picture quality is decent.†