Bride Abide has the deep desire to see the Church come together with the sole purpose, the sole agenda, of abiding in Christ. Community is good. Fellowship is good. But what we’re really after is community around the presence of God; fellowship around the presence of God.

Bride Abide comes together weekly to simply wait on, and sing spontaneous praise to the Lord. These raw times of honest worship are referred to as Spontaneous Worship & Prayer. The spontaneous time of worship is shared weekly on the Bride Abide YouTube channel to encourage others and invite them into the songwriting process. Listeners are welcomed to help shape the songs for the next album by listening to and commenting on the Spontaneous Worship & Prayer sets.

Bride Abide never set out to write and record music, but as they continued to meet week after week songs began to emerge. In an attempt to capture the same honest and raw nature of the spontaneous time, Bride Abide recorded the entire album live and in one take.

Bride Abide's album, "Obed-Edom", is now available through all major music distribution channels. Visit and check out their YouTube channel to stay connected to Bride Abide.