I love creative readers.

Goodyear Heights resident Sharon Connor read my recent article on yarn bombing and sent along a picture of a chair shed bombed with pieces crocheted by her and knitted by her daughter, Adrienne Arrington.

She said the project grew out of her interest in yarn bombing, a form of stealth public art that involves decorating things like light posts, bike racks and even bridges with knitted or crocheted work.

When she remodeled her kitchen and created an art wall, she realized a yarn-covered piece would be the perfect complement. I wanted something more cute and quirky than a regular chair, she said.

So she enlisted her daughter to help make colorful squares and rectangles, which they stitched together to cover the chair.

Connor later made a second chair, which she gave to her colleague Susan Yingling when the art teacher retired from Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts.

Connor's chair isn't used for seating, but just to hold her purse or book bag.

And to elicit smiles.

Its fun stuff, she said.