Q: My dining room is used as a sewing room. I would like to hide the clutter, which can be seen from the living room. The entrance is 81 inches high by 42 inches wide. I would like an easy pass-through that allows some privacy. A folding door was a nuisance. Please give me some advice.

— Kazi Tanouye

Gardena, Calif.

A: Bath Township interior designer Christine Haught and I put our heads together and brainstormed these ideas:

• Hang a beautiful curtain in the entryway, perhaps from a tension rod. Pull the curtain aside with a tieback or holdback when it’s not in use.

• If you have the wall space on either side of the opening, hang a sliding door (or two narrow doors) from a wall-mounted track, sort of like a barn door.

• Buy or make a decorative folding screen to cover the opening to the room or just shield a corner where you stash your work in progress.

• Buy or make a rolling room divider, which might be easier to move into place than a screen. Most are made for institutional settings such as offices and schools, but you could borrow the idea by adding casters to some sort of decorative panel — maybe a bamboo screen or a couple of antique doors fastened together side by side.

• Play up your sewing space instead of hiding it, much like an artist’s atelier. Even when your work is spread out, it won’t look out of place, Haught said. Add storage containers that are good-looking as well as functional, such as an antique tool bin. Paint the room a beautiful color (don’t forget the ceiling), add window treatments and maybe a rug, and perhaps display an antique sewing machine for inspiration.

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