Readers who wrote to us were unanimous in their praise of the Car Cane.

Akron resident Pat Kelley said her husband bought her one when she had knee replacement surgery. “It is easy to use and has been an excellent aid in letting me get out of my low sedan car seat with less pain and strain on my knees,” she said.

Charlotte Stock of Akron said she had a stroke and finds the cane beneficial when she doesn’t have the strength to get out of a car. It also helps her get into higher vehicles, she said.

Akron resident Jeanne Ebie has been using her Car Cane for about a year, after receiving it as a birthday gift from her daughter last September.

“It was difficult for me to get out of the passenger side of vehicles until I got the Car Cane,” she said. “It’s easy to use and gives me a solid, sturdy, secure handle to support my generous weight as I’m exiting, especially from an SUV.”

Harriet Raia of Strongsville likes the Car Cane so much that she and her husband bought two so they’d always have one handy. She said it has been “an extremely useful device” for her husband, who has mobility issues. He uses it for both entering and exiting the car, and it’s sturdy enough to allow him to put his full weight on it.

We also heard from one reader about the Dash Cam Pro.

Elias J. Vujovich of Southington bought two cameras, one for himself and one for his son. One didn’t work, he said, so he had to send it back for a replacement. He thinks the door that covers the cable connection is flimsy, but he’s satisfied otherwise.

“So far, I have not had to use it in an accident and I hope I never do, but it is comforting to know I have a way to back up my version of whatever accident I may get into,” he said.