The Beacon Journal asked readers to share their thoughts on products being tested for our “Does It Work” series. We received quite a bit of feedback on the Hurricane Spin Mop and Magic Mesh. Here are a few of the comments.

Hurricane Spin Mop

“Buying my mop when I was suffering back troubles helped me get my floors cleaned without further injury to my spine. I can wet mop my kitchen floor or damp mop the wood floor in the dining area just by spinning the mop longer.”

— Dee Vitello,? Hartville


“When you get the mop, you have to assemble it. … They have a video you can view online, so I know that I did it correctly. The problem is the three pieces of the mop handle do not come together in one straight piece. It never feels like it is one piece. It has weak points where it is connected together.”

— Julia Paonessa, Akron


“We love this mop. … My work is cut in more than half on ‘mopping days.’ ”

— Mitzi Debarra, Akron


“I love it! It is easy to use and does everything it claimed to do. I love that I don’t have to hand-wring the mop. The only drawback is the handle screws together, and when you spin the mop, it will come apart.”

— Michelle Jouver, ?Akron

“When I first took it out of the package, I thought, ‘Great. Just stinkin’ great.’ It seemed extremely flimsy and the mop head was so small. I was pretty sure I just threw $39.95 out the window. Well, let me tell you what … I LOVE this thing!”

— Lynn Eubanks, Akron

Magic Mesh

“Simply put — I love it! My two dogs love it! My 6-year-old granddaughter and her friends love it!”

— Paula Wilt,?Akron


“All in all, I’m fairly satisfied with the product. Does it keep every bug out? No (what screen does?), but it keeps the majority of them out and gives my dogs the freedom to come and go without me being their ‘doorman.’ Does it install effortlessly like in the commercials/ads? No, but it’s not all that hard to tweak it and make it work for your specific door.”

— Nancy Chase, ?Wadsworth


“The magnets fall apart easily. … Wish they [the panels] came with a rod pocket at the top, [since I use tension rods to hold them up]. … Don’t consider them great but haven’t figured out something else that keeps out the bugs, provides ventilation and allows use of the door.”

— Susan Eberhart, Cuyahoga Falls


“The screen was simple to install, although the materials provided were less than adequate.”

— Rick Hirt, ?Akron