Our region’s obsession with the Cleveland Browns is astonishing.

Even though the team hasn’t won more than five games in any of the past four seasons, the radio sports-talk stations have spent more time during the past three months yapping about tonight’s NFL Draft than about the Indians and Cavs combined — both of whom are actually playing.

More people can tell you who “RG3” is than can tell you the location of the last G8 Summit.

Northeast Ohio does not seem to be a complete aberration, though. During the fall television season, 13 of the nation’s 15 most-watched programs were NFL games.

Is this a screwed-up country or what?

Best ever

A few of us were talking about the draft, and who the Browns should take, and how the game has become so tilted toward passing that the sensible move might be taking a receiver, rather than a running back, but that in spite of that trend we’d still give Jim Brown the ball 30 times a game if he were around, because he was Jim Brown, the best running back in history, such a great overall athlete that he also has been called the best lacrosse player in history, an assertion we decided we had to agree with because none of us could name one other lacrosse player.

Hot wheels

Times apparently are not overly tough at the Rubber City Radio Group, one of the last family-owned broadcasting operations in Northeast Ohio.

A car pulling into the company’s parking lot on West Market Street the other day carried the vanity license plate “WQMX” — and that car was a Maserati.

As you might guess, it belongs to the owner, Thom Mandel, who also owns WAKR (1590-AM) and WONE (97.5-FM).

When jokingly asked whether it was her car, Rubber City marketing maven Joyce Lagios replied:

“If I could afford a Maserati, do you think I would be in Akron, Ohio, or on an island somewhere in the South Pacific, drinking something with an umbrella and having some young dude fanning me?”

Sticky wicket

I try to help our readers when I can, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do much for the person (I’m doing her a favor and withholding her name) who sent me the following email:

“Emails have been deleted from my gmail account following an email that I sent last week to Bishop Tutu and others and which I had cc’d to about 90+ other persons.

“When I opened the inbox today, it appeared that some of the emails had been opened and read as indicated by the shaded color. I do not know how many may have been deleted altogether before I even logged onto the account.

“Subsequent to this email, nanoparticle torture and abuse has been very severe. Whenever I eat, large volumes of the particles are infused into the abdominal area in order perhaps to displace or saturate the food so that the particles can tag along glucose molecules, amino acid molecules and triglyceride molecules during the absorption phase.

“Superfine dust is now sprayed all night exactly the same way a nasal spray shoots fine mist up the nasal passages, but these are no nasal mist droplets but nanodevices intended straight to the brain, which I believe they wish to destroy.”

And you thought you had problems.

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