The Browns hired Hue Jackson as their head coach two weeks ago, and he still hasnít talked to quarterback Johnny Manziel.

It could be another sign the organization will likely part with Manziel, the 22nd overall pick in the 2014 draft, at some point this offseason.

Jackson revealed his lack of communication with Manziel during interviews Wednesday with and 92.3 The Fan at Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala.

Meanwhile, Manzielís off-field behavior has continued to raise eyebrows, especially because he spent more than 10 weeks last year in an inpatient rehabilitation facility specializing in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. recently published videos and photographs of Manziel, 23, partying Sunday at a bar in Dallas. One photo shows him drinking what appears to be a shot of alcohol.

Jackson was asked by 92.3 The Fan if the videos coming out bother him and whether he thinks he needs to talk to Manziel about it.

ďNo, I donít think I need to talk to him,Ē Jackson said. ďOne, I havenít watched it ó to be very honest with you. Then, No. 2, it is the offseason, and I would hope that players would do a great job of representing themselves and our organization and our team in a positive light. Thatís what we want.

ďAnd if guys donít, I mean, I think everybody understands and recognizes thereís consequences for everything that you do. But at the same time, I do get itís the offseason, and Iím not going to look at those things. Iím going to judge him based on what I know, and then weíll just continue to move forward.Ē

Shortly after the Browns hired Jackson on Jan. 13, he did a series of radio interviews in which he repeatedly spoke as if the team would move on from Manziel and mentioned the possibility of drafting a quarterback second or 32nd overall in late April.

ďI do believe that this team does need a quarterback,Ē Jackson said on SiriusXMís Bleacher Report Radio channel. ď... I think what we need to do is look to the future and find what we think is going to be the best fit for us and go from there.Ē

In another interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Jackson was asked about Manzielís future and with what kind of quarterback he would like to pair himself.

ďOutside of all of the physical characteristics that we look for in a quarterback, the thing Iím looking for is a guy thatís going to be the face of the franchise, somebody that our players can rally behind, somebody that our fans can rally behind, that they believe that this guy has a chance to go out week in and week out and win games, a guy that can help elevate this football team, not anybody thatís going to tear it down because I think itís too hard in the National Football League to have a guy like that,Ē Jackson said. ď[The quarterback needs to be] all-consumed with one thing: being the best quarterback he can be and being the best leader he can be. Thatís the kind of guy Iím looking for.Ē

Two days after Jackson was hired, he told the teamís radio show he had been in contact with several Browns players.

ďIíve been fortunate enough to have conversations on the phone via talking or texting with several guys,Ē Jackson said. ďI had two guys come into the building today. ... I want to get a hold of every guy on this team and talk to them and tell them about what weíre trying to accomplish and the excitement that we need to have here.Ē

But he hasnít been in touch with Manziel yet.

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