What they’re saying about the Cavaliers

“I definitely want to see Cleveland. What’s their identity? To me, Cleveland probably has the best young talented team in the league. Are they going to stay young and talented or are they going to move forward? I definitely want to see that.”

— NBA TV analyst?Chris Webber

“I’m excited about Cleveland. Kyrie Irving is one of my favorite players in the league. I really like that team. I think Byron Scott did a great job staying on that team even when they were losing. He still pulled guys out for not playing defense late in games. I think Byron Scott really set the tone in watching those guys play and lose a lot of games over the last few years. I love [coach Mike] Brown being back. I really like this team.”

— Webber

“Jarrett Jack to me, you saw what he did last year with Golden State. You know he’s the perfect complement for those guys, the veteran guy who is going to hold them accountable in practice and defensively 94 feet checking that guard coming up. I love that move. This is one of the teams I expect to start to create a small identity for themselves and build on the future.”

— Webber

“I think Cleveland is a team you’re going to have to keep your eye on, I think they’re going to have a chance to play in the postseason. I really like what Detroit did in the offseason as well. I think that’s another team that improved their standing. It’s going to make for an interesting year at the bottom. This is the first year for me, I think the Eastern Conference overall is better now than the West. From top to bottom, when you start looking at it, I think the East is making that transition. We’ve seen it in generations past the East was more dominant, then it was the West. I think now you’re seeing the transition back to the Eastern Conference in terms of having the best talent from top to bottom.”

— NBA TV analyst?Greg Anthony

“[Andrew] Bynum is probably going to be the key. But if you look at the other acquisitions they made, Jarrett Jack was one of the best pickups by anyone in the NBA this past offseason. He is the perfect player to complement what [Dion] Waiters and Kyrie [Irving] are able to do. With Kyrie’s size he can play some 2, he can play off the ball. You’ll see Jarrett Jack play alongside him like you did with Steph Curry.”

— Anthony

“I’ll tell you another guy I really like is Earl Clark. I thought Earl Clark was a huge move for the Lakers last year, especially during that push to make the playoffs. I think he’s finally coming into his own.”

— Anthony

“The big issue for a young team is to deal with expectations. It’s the hardest challenge you’ll ever find. We see it year in and year out with young teams. They show promise, and now everyone expects them to be able to do it consistently. And more often than not, they’re not able to. I’m interested to see how much better they can be. Can they actually become a postseason team? I think they can, but it’s going to be a challenge for them this year.”

— Anthony

“I think Mike Brown will be a tremendous addition to their team defensively. They were a disaster last year in terms of stopping people and really competing on a nightly basis. I know their season kind of fell apart with the injuries. But that is Brown’s forte, tightening things up on that [defensive] end and really developing an identity defensively. I think they’ll be much improved.”

— TNT analyst Steve Kerr

“It’s just time to win. [Irving’s] done everything individually. He’s such a talented player. But when you’re that talented, eventually you’re measured by your team winning. That’s the next step. There are a lot of factors involved and your teammates have to stay healthy. But I think it’s just sort of time for him to take the next step as a leader and lead his team to the playoffs. In terms of his game, I don’t know what else he can improve on offensively anyway. He’s so talented and so good in so many different areas. It’s just, ‘Let’s win some games now.’?”

— Kerr

“Defensively, they will be 10 times better because of Mike Brown. Now it comes down to a health issue. Kyrie has to stay on the floor and stay healthy. Will they get Bynum back, [Anderson] Varejao staying healthy. They have all the tools to be a successful Eastern Conference first-round [playoff] team. Now it’s just a question of them going out there and believing it themselves. I have them making the playoffs in the seventh or eighth spot.”

— TNT analyst Reggie Miller

“To me, Kyrie should be a perennial All-Star and at times he should challenge Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Deron Williams for that best point guard [in the league]. But he has to become a better leader. He’s going to have to take hold of that locker room and … he’s going to have to do things he probably didn’t do his one year at Duke or his first couple years at Cleveland hold guys accountable. That’s the mark of being the leader. It’s his team, his face, his franchise and sometimes he’ll have to show a little tough love. That’s how this Cavs team is going to be able to take the next step.”

— Miller