Canton McKinley junior Eric Glover-Williams feels like Superman when he competes.

He wore a Superman T-Shirt last month at Ohio State when the Buckeyes held their Friday Night Lights recruiting event at Ohio Stadium for top high school football players.

Glover-Williams, who committed to Ohio State on Sunday, does not have super-human powers. He does, however, possess the speed and quickness that college football coaches covet, and prior to making his decision held 12 scholarship offers after playing two years of high school football.

“I am having a lot of fun,” Glover-Williams said. “It has been a great experience, and I am just working really hard to have a great season this year.”

Glover-Williams, who is 5-foot-10½ and 168 pounds, emerged as a standout player last year as McKinley’s quarterback. He completed 75-of-154 passes for 1,114 yards with12 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He flaunted his quickness on several occasions and rushed 243 times for 1,574 yards and 22 touchdowns.

“As a quarterback, I am a triple threat,” Glover-Williams said. “I can run the ball, pass it long and I can also get it out to the open receivers short.”

Glover-Williams said Tennessee offered him an athletic scholarship for football and said he also could play baseball (he also stars as a second baseman, center fielder and right-handed pitcher), but he opted for OSU.

Florida, West Virginia, Louisville, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan State, Nebraska and Pittsburgh also offered Glover-Williams a football scholarship. Akron, Kent State and Ohio State have shown interest in baseball, too.

“Most colleges are recruiting me as a receiver and a defensive back,” Glover-Williams said. “It doesn’t really matter to me. I would rather be a receiver because I can get out in the open space, do jet sweeps and get the ball. The quarterback thing is something I have to do for my high school because we haven’t had one.

“I always want to be a leader. Even as a freshman, I wanted to be a leader and step out. I am kind of a vocal leader. I like to just get everybody hyped, bring the momentum and get everybody onto the same page.”

Eye on great players

Glover-Williams said he enjoyed watching Percy Harvin play at Florida and Ted Ginn Jr. at Ohio State, and continues to emulate his game after theirs as they play in the NFL.

Glover-Williams’ scrambling ability as a quarterback might be second to none in the state. He has run the 40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds at Ohio State and Michigan camps.

“As a football player, there is one word that describes Eric — electric,” Canton McKinley coach Todd Filtz said. “He is an electric football player. You want to find ways to put the ball in his hands and you want to have him on the field, whether it is offense, defense, special teams because he is a game-changer. He can make plays all over the field no matter what he is doing. Also, a great characteristic of Eric is that when he is in full speed and high energy our team feeds off of him. That is his leadership characteristics. We are going to try to have him all over the field this year.”

Glover-Williams relishes the opportunity to run with the ball and is hoping to help McKinley build off of last year’s 9-3 record and advance further in the playoffs.

“All of my life I have been that kid that just wants to work hard and do what I have to do to help my team win games,” Glover-Williams said. “I always stood out when I was young, so as I have gotten older I just keep working hard. When I see [high-profile college] coaches like that, I stay humble. I was always taught to stay humble.

“I get nervous sometimes. It just depends on what the situation is though.”

Filtz said the college attention has not become a distraction.

“It is humbling for him,” Filtz said. “It zones him in rather than distracts him. I know every kid reacts differently toward their recruiting process, especially nowadays because it’s become so big. From what I have seen from Eric, the more attention that he receives from the college level, the more focused and zoned in he becomes as a Canton McKinley football player. For me, our staff and our players, that is the best case scenario.”

Team that can move

Glover-Williams is not the only McKinley player with speed. Senior linebacker-tight end Jamal Davis II and several others are garnering interest from colleges.

“I think this year’s team is a lot better,” Glover-Williams said. “We have a lot more speed. Everybody on the team is pretty fast. Everybody is running under 5-flat. A lot of players on our team this year are returning starters. We have more experience.”

Glover-Williams is McKinley’s quarterback, but Filtz wouldn’t be distraught if another player emerges at the position so that Glover-Williams could be moved to other spots.

“We still have a lot of questions to be answered,” Filtz said. “Right now, Eric is the quarterback. If somebody is good enough to take Eric’s job, there are a lot of other places that we can put Eric. We will get some questions answered soon.”

Filtz said Glover-Williams projects to be a slot receiver, cornerback and returner in college.

“He is also fun to watch in baseball,” Filtz said. “As a fan in the stands, you can see he has the same energy he has when he plays football.”

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