Do you think Kyrie Irving makes a return this season? @_BIGTREV_

We should have a better grasp on Kyrie Irving’s situation today or tomorrow, but I tend to believe we’ll see him again soon.

Irving said Friday he is hoping to play in the Cavs’ upcoming road trip to Orlando and Atlanta. The biceps injury wasn’t as serious as he feared, and he believes he’s ahead of schedule.

When he was first injured, I assumed he would be shut down for the remainder of the season. But Irving has looked good shooting around at practice in recent days, he has incentive to return (the whole max contract thing this summer) and the organization has incentive to bring him back now that they’re still hanging around the playoff race.

What’s Dion Waiters’ ceiling? @MrcavsBball

Awfully high, but he’s hardly a finished product. He needs to continue improving defensively, learn to finish around the basket and find more consistency with his jump shot. But he has always been incredibly gifted. His biggest problem has been between his ears.

Waiters had some growing up to do, and he seems to be doing it this season. He isn’t taking everything so personal, he isn’t moping and he isn’t pouting. His defense has certainly improved, his shot selection has improved and he is more committed to attacking the basket. If he can learn to finish better around the rim (he’s converting less than 50 percent of his shots within 5 feet), he could be incredible.

Matthew Dellavedova, big improvement from him as season has gone on. How has he earned so much trust from team & coach? @TH_Da_06er

His gritty style and his tenacity quickly earned the respect of Mike Brown and all of his teammates. Brown absolutely loves Delly and gushes about him both privately and publicly.

The NBA Draft is all about upside, which is why he went undrafted, yet is contributing more than any of the Cavs’ rookie draft picks. Delly has hit his ceiling. There isn’t much more to squeeze out of him, but he has been so good he made Jarrett Jack expendable around the trade deadline. The Cavs just couldn’t get a deal done.

Can you see the Cavs trading their 2014 first rounder? ?@CTownThrowdown

Absolutely. How attractive the pick is will obviously depend on where it falls, but I expect the Cavs to go big-game hunting this summer prior to the draft. This pick could be part of that plan.

Any chance Kyrie Irving is the one traded this summer? @clasam

At this point, I wouldn’t rule anything out. Although I think the only way Irving is shopped or traded is if he rejects the contract extension. This summer is the one and only time for quite a while Irving will have full control of his situation. If he truly wants out, all he has to do is reject the contract offer. However, I tend to believe he’ll take the Cavs’ offer or some form of the max offer both sides find appealing.