Looking past LeBron in 2014, what other A-list free agents would want to play here? I donít think any. ≠@chaser84

Youíre probably right and the Cavs know that, too. LeBron James is the rare exception because he is from the area, but Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and the rest arenít lining up to come here even to play with who could soon be the leagueís best point guard.

If James does not return in 2014, the plan remains the same: Build through the draft and use some of these draft picks to nab a star through a trade if and when the time is right.

Will the Cavs re-sign Ellington and Speights? Love what they bring. I think it would be a good move. What do you think? @RTrauty

Mo Speights controls his own future. If he opts out of the deal, he wonít be back. He has been a nice piece at times, but if heís not hitting that 15-foot jumper, he struggles in other areas. Heís not a very good defender.

Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins said defense was Wayne Ellingtonís problem in Memphis, too, and Hollins insists his players defend or he wonít play them. Ellington was part of the problem on the Boston Celticsí game-winning basket last week because he had his back turned on the final play. But the Cavs control his future and are interested in retaining him.

If Cavs fire Byron, who replaces him? @jcassady7

This is the million-dollar question and one of the biggest reasons why Scott still might return next season. Teams that make coaching changes have to believe theyíll find a better candidate elsewhere. The Cavs have some nice, young players, draft picks and cap space, but Iím not sure thatís enough to lure someone like a Van Gundy to Cleveland. Iím not sure the Cavs are convinced they could find anyone better right now.

Any chance Cavs try and add more 2014 draft picks to gear up for deeper 2014 draft? Still possible Andy could be traded this offseason? Veteran teams looking to upgrade? OKC or Boston maybe... JGV_614

The Cavs would like one more future pick, but it will be difficult to obtain it in 2014 because the rest of the league knows what that draft is supposed to be, too. I think Anderson Varejao will be traded at some point during his contract, but I donít think it will be this summer. After three consecutive season-ending injuries, his trade value hasnít been this low since before he became a starter.