You can help Smithville resident Erin King win $10,000 toward a home-makeover project in Waverly Home’s Paint for a Purpose contest.

King is one of five finalists in the contest, which will be decided by votes on its Facebook page.

She hopes to use the money to make improvements to the 1850 home she shares with her new husband, Joseph, her two children and her husband’s two sons, who live with the Kings part of the time.
Erin King’s story is one of perseverance. She said she left an abusive marriage six years ago with two children and only the $150 she’d managed to put aside in a bank account. The family lived in her parents’ basement for about eight months and then in public housing, while King worked to support the family and scrimped to save what she could.
When the brick house she’d loved for a long time came up for sale, she watched the price drop repeatedly until finally she made a bid on it. She lost out to another bidder, but when that deal fell through, she became a homeowner in March 2011.
Her husband, whom she married in May, is an Air Force veteran who was disabled in a car accident while he was in the service.
With six people in the house, money is tight, King said. The house needs extensive work, not the least of which is a second bathroom. Other problems include floors that need leveling, mortar that’s crumbling, a termite-damaged support beam that needs shoring up and a kitchen that has five types of cabinets, two types of countertop materials and a sink with drainage issues.
You can read the contestants' submissions on Waverly's Facebook page and vote for your favorite. Voting ends Monday.