Nearly every known shoplifter at the Summit Mall was caught on Monday.

Macy’s, Dillard’s and Hollister Co. reported $1,934.35 total in stolen merchandise.
Four of the six alleged shoplifters were arrested by the Fairlawn Police Department.
An alarm alerted a Hollister Co. employee around 12:35 p.m., according to a police report. The employee observed two black males fleeing the store with large plastic bags stuffed with clothes.
The report states that when the employee attempted to follow them, another woman distracted her by holding up a bag and saying that she had accidentally tripped the alarm. The employee ignored the woman, who later left the scene, and followed one of the men into P.F. Chang’s. The man entered Dillard’s and disappeared into the parking lot.
The report states that the men escaped with 20 polo shirts valued at $1,135.
One man was described as 25 to 30 years old, about 6-foot tall with short, curly hair and wearing a gray T-shirt with a Fed Ex logo and khaki shorts.
About five minutes earlier on the other side of the mall, two police officers apprehended Cameron Johnson, 44, of Akron. The police report states that the officers found seven articles of clothing worth $392.85. A Macy’s employee told police that Johnson had carried the items out of the store, through the mall concourse and out the north entrance.
The merchandise was returned to Macy’s, and Johnson was charged with theft and released on a court summons.
Two hours later, a Dillard’s security camera caught Shaquille Anderson, 18, entering a fitting room with clothes and a black cloth bag, a police report states. Upon exiting the fitting room, Anderson had “less clothes than he came in with.”
Anderson was last seen at the Firestone store, Dillard’s personnel told police, who apprehended Anderson at a nearby bus stop. The report states that Anderson was wearing a $58 pair of jeans under the jeans he had on. They also found a $24.50 shirt in the black cloth bag.
Anderson, who lives in Akron, was charged with theft and released on a summons.
About three hours passed before police received the last call from the Summit Mall that day. At 6:30 p.m., a Macy’s loss prevention employee told police that she had two women in custody.
When the police arrived, the employee told them that Tonimisa Cooley, 27, and Shatela Johnson, 26, both from Akron, had entered the store’s fitting rooms with more clothing than they left with, according to a police report.
Johnson was charged with the theft of $206 in merchandise. Cooley was also charged with the theft of $118 worth of clothing. Both were arrested and released pending a court summons.