CLYDE: Lawyers in Ohio filed a $750 million class action lawsuit Thursday against Whirlpool Corp. thatís related to a child cancer cluster between Toledo and Cleveland.

The lawsuit attempts to link Whirlpool and others to the cancer cluster, though the families of the children whoíve been diagnosed with cancer arenít involved.

Three families filed the suit, including a man whose wife died at age 23 a year after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The U.S. EPA has said high levels of a chemical believed to increase the risk of certain cancers were found in soil samples from a former park Whirlpool once owned near the town of Clyde, where the company has a washing machine factory.

The findings, though, didnít link the contaminants with the cancer cluster that has been under investigation by state and federal agencies for more than six years. Nearly 40 young people have been diagnosed with cancer since the mid-1990s in the area.

Whirlpool hasnít been directly connected to the chemical found in the tests. A statement from the company said that itís reviewing the lawsuit.

Families whose children have been among the dozens sickened in an Ohio cancer cluster have hired a private company to test several spots. Still, the odds are against coming up with an answer because pinpointing the cause of a cancer cluster rarely happens.