Aviation exhibits

There are 37 aircraft on display at the MAPS Air Museum in Green.

A-26 Invader; A-67 Dragon; A7E Corsair II; AH-1 Cobra; B-26 Marauder; BT-13 Valiant; C-3 Trainer; C-47 Gooney Bird; Goodyear Drake; ERCO Trainer; F-100D Super Sabre; F-101F Voodoo; F-102A Delta Dagger; F-105 Thunderchief (Thud); F-11F Tiger; F-14B Tomcat; F2G Corsair cockpit; F-4S Phantom; F-84F Thunderstreak; F-86D/L SabreDog D/L; F-9 Cougar; GZ22 (blimp) Gondola; L-17B Navion; Martin Glider; MiG-17 Fresco; O-2 Skymaster; OH-58 Kiowa; P-51 Mustang Mockup; PT-19 Cornell; RB-1 Snowbird; S-2F Tracker; SNB-5 Expeditor; Sopwith Triplane; T-28 Trojan; T-33 Shooting Star; T-37 Tweet and T-37B Tweet.

Fourteen of the aircraft are owned by the Army, Navy or Air Force, nine are owned by the museum and the other planes are owned by private individuals or organizations.