Edgar's, the restaurant overlooking Good Park Golf Course in West Akron, is the perfect place for a fair-weather golfer like me. I can enjoy a glass of wine and an appetizer in the cozy restaurant atop the clubhouse. From Tuesday to Thursday, they serve $5 appetizers all day long, and the portions are PGA Tour-sized.

My favorite, the smoked rib tips, are George Thorogood bad to the bone. It even comes with a side of Edgar's slaw. Who serves a side with an appetizer? The rib tips are slathered in a generous amount of Chef Glenn Gillespie's "where have you been all my life" barbecue sauce.

If that's not enough, every night is retail wine night when you purchase a bottle. The wine list reads like a tournament leaderboard with lots of great stuff to choose. I had the ribs with an $8 glass of the Federalist Honest Red Blend. It's a wonderful blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon with a few jiggers of zinfandel and malbec. That's the happiest I've ever been on a golf course in January.


Phil Masturzo