At top, Eric Floyd sings We Shall Overcome during a Cleveland Orchestra ensemble performance titled Civil Rights: Remembering Dr. Luther King Jr. at Firestone High School on Thursday in Akron. Above, Mary Francis Miller sings next to conductor Vinay Parmeswaran. Above right, Mary Francis Miller, Jonathon Jackson and Margaret Martinez raise protest signs during the civil-rights presentation. The orchestra is celebrating its 100th season.

Jeff Milo (top), a worker from Frank Novak & Sons Inc., preps the bulldog emblem at center court on the new basketball floor at Woodridge High School’s new gym on Wednesday in Cuyahoga Falls. Steve Johnson (left), a worker from Flooring Specialties, a Division of Frank Novak & Sons Inc., rolls on a coat of maroon paint on the new basketball floor at the gym. Above, a worker from Frank Novak & Sons Inc., preps the new bulldog emblem at center court of the new floor.

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