Another month, another local craft brewery opens.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the local craft beer drinking market seems to be a gigantic bottomless brew kettle.

One of the latest to join the ever-growing list is Akronym Brewing. (Get it?)

Housed in the weird space on the side of the parking deck across from the Akron Art Museum that observant and regular downtown visitors have probably wondered about for years, Akronym joins a crowded field and carves out a nice little spot for itself.

Akronym is cavernous, with big kettles standing proudly in view, informing drinkers that there is real beer brewing happening. The space is lengthy and so is the solid 20-plus feet of smooth, cool-looking, odd-shaped bar, along with some high and regular tables, and one large, neat-looking table made from repurposed wood. There’s also a small partially covered patio area that faces the street, but thankfully, a nice concrete wall keeps it from feeling like you’re sitting on the corner of East Market.

After about a month or so of opening softly, Akronym Brewing had its official grand opening last weekend and is now running at full speed. That means there are a dozen beers to try, and as a card-carrying member of the “totally over IPAs” club, it’s always great to see a beer list that isn’t dominated by that wildly popular, overrated style.

The menu covers a nice array of styles and flavors, from the easy-drinking Sundale Pilsner and Kernel of Truth Lager, to the meatier High Street Wheat and its cherry-infused twin. For lovers of heavier, darker fare, the Sunset Wedding Stout is just damn delicious with a nice chocolaty finish, and though the Windigo, a double red IPA, is a bit high in the IBU count for me, it’s not too bitter or too bland as some reds can be.

I tried most of their beers (even one of the IPAs) and enjoyed each one. They come in three sizes; the 5-ounce at about $2, an 8-ounce glass for $3-$5 and a classic pint ranging from $5-$8. You can also knock them out four at time with a flight of 5-ounce samples. There are two sizes of growlers available at various price points; expect to pay $6.50-$22 to take some home for your fridge.

Akronym’s happy hour is only on Thursdays, from 3:30 to 6 p.m., where you can get 20 percent off growlers to go or beers from the taps.

Emily Harsh of Ravenna and Abi Pasco of Akron were trying a few beers and hanging out. The friends, who are group exercise coaches at Orange Theory Fitness in Hudson, were making their first trip to Akronym and were enjoying a few Henry IPAs. Both were impressed.

They’d found the place simply by Googling “Akron beer,” Pasco said: “I knew there was a new place, something with ‘Akron’ in the name, and this was the first thing that came up, so it was good.”

“I love it here, it’s awesome,” Harsh said. “The beer is very good, the location is very nice and it just has a very cool vibe. I like the atmosphere.”

“I like the outside as well as the inside. It’s cool you can sit outside,” Pasco said.

Harsh is an avid local brewery-goer: “I’ve been to just about every craft brewery in Northeast Ohio and this one is pretty good. It’s definitely a quality brewery for sure.”

Akronym doesn’t serve food, but on some nights you can find the Stray Dog hot dog stand set up out front. The brewery is slowly building a roster of weekly events, including free live trivia on Wednesdays.

According to local scuttlebutt, there are at least two more craft breweries coming to the downtown area in the not-too-distant future, which could possibly dilute the market. But right now, the fledgling Akronym Brewing is making a pretty strong case to carve out a spot as one of the area’s tastiest beer makers.

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