Cuyahoga Community College is a dinosaur of a school, and it’s proud.

On Thursday, the college — known as Tri-C — unveiled the logo for its new mascot: the Tri-C Triceratops.

Students, staff and alumni chose the dinosaur as the school’s new mascot during an online poll in September that attracted nearly 4,000 votes.

Voters apparently thought with Tri-C built into its name, the dinosaur would make a perfect mascot. 

The new logo features a fierce-looking triceratops, with stylized versions of the dinosaur's two big brow horns and smaller snout horn and large head frill. The triceratops name, which means three-horned face, is derived from Latin and Greek root words.

The college worked with Studio Simon, a sports branding firm in Louisville, Ky., to develop the logo design, which boasts the Tri-C teal color. The firm has created logos for more than 100 professional, collegiate and amateur leagues across the country, Tri-C said Thursday.

Among the logos Studio Simon has created is one featuring a ship’s wheel for the Lake County Captains, the minor-league baseball team in Eastlake.

Tri-C sports teams previously competed as the Challengers but did not have a mascot.

Wyoming claims triceratops as its state dinosaur. Triceratops lived some 65 million years ago and remains have been found in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and North and South Dakota, as well as in Canada.

Merchandise with the Tri-C Triceratops logo will be available at campus bookstores beginning Monday. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, water bottles and other products also will be available online at

The logo will appear on gym floors and the uniforms of athletics teams beginning in the 2019-2020 academic year. The new uniforms will be revealed later this year, Tri-C said.

Tri-C has four campuses (downtown Cleveland, Highland Hills, Parma and Westlake), the Brunswick University Center and two corporate colleges (Warrensville Heights and Westlake), among other facilities, including its Hospitality Management Center, which offers culinary programs, at Cleveland's Public Square.

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