The Summit County Board of Elections certified all but one of the 90 candidates who filed signatures this month to appear on the May primary ballot.

Tracy Douglas, a councilman and former Democrat running as a Republican for mayor of Lakemore, was short one valid signature. No other Republican filed to challenge Richard Cole, the lone Democrat in the Lakemore mayor’s race.

In other action and over the objection of a resident, election officials advanced the candidacy of Tammy Cummins of Akron’s Ward 7. She’s challenging Councilman Donnie Kammer.

John Harrison, who like Kammer and Cummins also lives in Firestone Park, told the board of elections Tuesday that Cummins had solicited his signature by saying she was circulating a petition to reopen nearby basketball courts and not running for public office.

Cummins, who did not immediately respond to a phone call seeking comment Tuesday, said Monday that she had mistakenly listed “City Council” instead of “Ward 7” as the office sought on her petitions. The mistake forced her to get new petitions and re-collect at least 25 valid signatures, which she did.

The board of elections has asked Cummins to appear March 5 to talk about Harrison’s official protest, which questions whether the re-collected signatures are “valid or if she just copied the names down.”

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