Sarah Atkinson, Coventry Local, Coventry Elementary School, first grade

Atkinson does an amazing job with her students in her classroom. She runs a tight ship but at the same time is gentle with her students' needs, whether they are academic or behavioral. She is an integral part of her first-grade team and is always striving to be a better teacher.

Don Haines, Hudson City, East Woods Elementary, English language arts and social studies

Haines is a fifth-grade teacher. He has tremendous relationships with his students, parents and colleagues and goes the extra mile to ensure students reach their potential, socially and emotionally as well as academically. He serves as a mentor to new teachers and approaches his job with enthusiasm. He uses a growth mindset within his classroom and prides himself on creating a nurturing classroom environment. Haines has volunteered his time coaching football in the district for many years, serving as a positive role model in and out of of the classroom.

Jennifer Chadima, Hudson High School, school counselor

Chadima is a stellar school counselor at Hudson High School. She is the epitome of an educator who puts the needs of her students first as she spends her days meeting and helping students with everything from scheduling to issues of mental and social well-being. She also acts as the HHS representative for the Six District Career Tech program and co-advises the HUDDLE freshman mentor program.

Shawn Edwards, Green Local, Green High School, AP world history, AP European history, world history

Edwards' passion for teaching and educating high school students goes far beyond classroom lessons. Edwards is the Key Club adviser and Green High School mock trial adviser, taking two teams to regionals and one team to the state tournament for the first time in school history after many after-school hours and practices.

Derrick Maugher, Manchester Local, Manchester Middle School, eighth-grade social studies

Maugher is a 14-year teacher who is extremely motivated and multitasks for students to become the best they can be. He is the trip coordinator for the school’s annual trip to Washington, D.C., has been the district's varsity baseball coach, community baseball and softball director, high school district athletic director and student director for the character program LEAD.

Sandy McClain, Manchester Local, Manchester High School, chemistry

McClain is the instructor for general chemistry and AP chemistry and is the Chemistry Club adviser as well as the leader of the high school science department. She shares her talents not only with high school students but also makes several annual trips to the elementary school to put on programs for younger children to inspire them to be involved with science as they go through the system.

Dana Floyd, Springfield Local, Spring Hill, third grade

Floyd is an amazing teacher. This year, she has started home visits to her students' homes. She has also had evening meetings at the school to meet with parents to discuss student progress and any concerns. During these meetings, she provides a complete dinner for the families so they have plenty of time to spend together. In addition, she coaches the high school's bowling team and is a member of several committees.

Kathy Stephens, Norton City, Norton Primary School, kindergarten

Stephens is an amazing teacher. She goes the extra mile with all students in her classroom and at the kindergarten level. She arrives early and stays late. She has a positive demeanor and a patient soul, which are two outstanding characteristics for a kindergarten teacher.

Chuck Fowler, Norton City, Norton Middle School, art

Fowler has the ability to connect with many students who struggle academically and gives them a space to shine. He gets incredible artwork from his students. He's a role model for students, and is well-respected by students, staff, and parents.

Jill Beaumont, Tallmadge City, Dunbar Primary, first grade

Jill Beaumont is the type of teacher who takes pride in her school, in her district and her community. She believes that a teacher is not only responsible for the education of a child, but for the whole child, including the social and emotional, which helps make her students successful.

Misty Craig, Tallmadge City, Tallmadge High School, world studies and AP psychology

Misty Craig is an outstanding educator who is a great role model for students and whose work ethic is second to none. She makes learning relevant as well as fun for all her students, which is evident in their success.