Ryan Loveless, Tallmadge City, Tallmadge Middle School, sixth grade

Ryan is an excellent student who asks questions to gain better understanding and is a constant participant in class. Ryan is always helpful to his peers and is conscientious of his choices.

Amelia Ross, Tallmadge City, Tallmadge Middle School, sixth grade

In class, Amelia has a thirst for knowledge, is always willing to help her peers and will drop anything to help. She is outgoing, an excellent collaborator, has a thirst for knowledge and when stuck does not give up.

Mason Walmer, Manchester Local, Nolley Elementary, third grade

Mason Walmer goes out of his way to make all other students feel good and wanted at school. Two quick examples are that Mason chose to sit away from his friends at lunch to sit with another student who was always alone and looked sad; the second example is when a little kindergartner was crying because they didn’t have enough money to purchase a doughnut on the last day of a sale and Mason stepped up to buy it for the child. Mason is truly an inspiration to all of his fellow students.

Leah Solomon, Manchester Local, Nolley Elementary, third grade

Leah Solomon is supportive and exhibits friendship to others that inspires her friends as well as her teachers. She is a student who has improved her grades and personal goals who makes it to school even in times when she should have stayed home battling the flu bug.

Anh Dang, Springfield Local, Spring Hill Elementary, third grade

Anh is a born leader and serves on our Birthday team. She goes out of her way to include others in whatever she does; she is a shining leader.

Braylon Benson and Olivia Diederich, Twinsburg City, Samuel Bissell Elementary, third grade

Braylon Benson and Olivia Diederich are responsible for setting up the gymnasium with materials and equipment to help prepare the class for our students with disabilities, adaptive PE classes. Braylon and Olivia also serve as peer models and work with, model, as well as support the students in need with helping them learn a new skill or practice a previously learned skill. It is awesome to see the caring hearts at work and the smiles on everyone's face who participates.

Luke Friedhoff, Norton City, Norton Middle School, eighth grade

Luke is a standout student who puts his heart and soul into school. You can always count on him doing what's right; he is a respectful and true leader in the Boy Scouts and his church group.

Ava Hillyard, Norton City, Norton Middle School, eighth grade

Ava is a friendly student who always participates in school spirit events and is one of the friendliest students in the middle school. She is a church volunteer, a role model for ski club, and adds so much to the classroom. She makes you better every day when she walks into the classroom.

Camden Frank, Hudson City, Hudson Middle School, eighth grade

Camden humbly displays the qualities of an exemplar student. Not only does he thrive in the classroom, producing top quality work, but he is exceptionally kind, inclusive, and caring. Camden is selfless in his care and concern for others, always quick to provide help, no matter the circumstances. He leads by example, asks great questions, and always has a smile on his face. Every teacher and student benefits from his presence as he brings out the best in everyone. He is a terrific student and an even better young man.

Kendra Seitz, Hudson City, Hudson Middle School, eighth grade

Life has dealt Kendra her fair share of curveballs, but through it all, this incredible young lady maintains her poise, her wonderfully upbeat nature, and her natural effervescence. A word that always pops to mind when we think of Kendra is "inspiring." With quiet confidence and that ever-present smile on her face, those around her get the sense that there is no mountain she can't climb. Kendra is a very creative person. She is a top-notch writer and is a member of the HMS Power of the Pen team. Kendra excels in school and always puts forth her best effort. She is delightful to have in class. In addition to all of those wonderful qualities, it is clear that she is well-liked by her peers, too.

Malachi Manhart, Springfield Local, Springfield Junior High, eighth grade

Malachi is always happy and loves to give hugs. He loves animals and is learning to communicate more effectively with sign language this year. He loves to create new projects in Art.

Madison Price, Springfield Local, Springfield Junior High, seventh grade

Madison is always prepared for class, productive and optimistic. She offers to help others who may be struggling with their work. She demonstrates how to use software and has been a great help to students and teachers alike.