Trump comes up short

It is much too early to begin political debate; however, the March 10 letter “Dems are sore losers” demands an immediate reply. The letter writer concluded he theoretically would not vote for a Democrat again because they are supporting the investigation into probable illegal activities in the 2016 presidential election. He also recommends voting “for a strong leader who is smart, honest and above all has the best interests for this great country.”

I agree with his criteria, but Donald Trump does not meet them. Here's why:

• You must be joking if you think Trump is smart. I’m a retired professional engineer, and I don’t think I have ever known a P.E. who would not beat him on any type of test.

• Fact-checking reports state Trump lies between five to 10 times per day. Let’s not quibble; he is easily the most dishonest president in my lifetime.

• Trump's interests are for himself and the wealthy members of his base. There is no way he acts in the best interests of America; every position appointment is against the role of the agency to be managed and the interests of the majority of Americans.

I understand there are perfectly valid reasons for voting Republican. In my opinion, if you cling to a Constitution that was adopted when slavery was legal and female voting was more than a century away, based on statistics, there is a probability that you are biased. Everyone denies this fact. That is one of the reasons we are so divided.

James L. Greener, Ravenna


Men block services

In my 40 years working to improve delivery of women’s health services in developing countries, we witnessed the positive results of family planning. Maternal deaths plummeted and babies were more likely to survive due to child spacing, allowing women to regain their strength between pregnancies. The low status of women in traditional cultures is a major contributor to the lack of priority for the welfare of the child-bearing half of the population. Invariably, it is males making decisions to restrict access to health delivery for females.

In Ohio we have a similar situation in which men are making the decisions for restricting the delivery of women’s health by blocking funds for Planned Parenthood (“Planned Parenthood ruling upheld,” March 13).

When will this patriarchal domination over women cease? What is our example to the rest of the world when our male leaders continue to block support for women’s health?

Charles Ausherman, Bath


Never-ending construction

Why is it that politicians and bureaucrats are incapable of thinking like normal human beings?

If my home is in need of expensive repairs and my personal budget is constrained, I can’t go to my employer demanding extra money because I need to make the repairs as well as add some new rooms to that same house.

So, if the Ohio Department of Transportation is unable to afford to maintain the highways that it already has, why do they continue to build new highways which they will also not be able to maintain?

The unspoken truth is that ODOT’s most important purpose is to award bloated construction contracts to companies that make enormous contributions to the right political parties and candidates.

John Fitzpatrick, Rittman


Please, Ohio, pick one

The state of Ohio needs to determine what time — daylight saving time, Eastern Standard Time — best fits and make it the time all year-round. Pick one and stick to it.

The current situation is ridiculous.

Lynne Hillegas, Cuyahoga Falls