Trump shows disrespect

What I can't figure out is how any current military member or veteran can still be supporting the draft-dodging stable genius in the White House.

In fact, I'm very surprised his “bone spurs” didn't act up and keep him from meeting with his new best friend in Vietnam last month.

This poor excuse for a president is so jealous of the late John McCain, U.S. senator and true military hero, that he continues to attempt to disparage our memories of McCain. Could it be that his bone spur disease has spread to what's left of any sense of decency he might ever have possessed? How much more pathetic can Donald Trump get?

On top of this, Trump wants to raid the funds needed for defense construction to build his wall. The wall he advised a zillion times that Mexico was going to pay for.

As a proud U.S. Marine who served honorably in Vietnam, (not even any bone spurs), I take affront to Trump's attempted misappropriation of funds. In December, Gen. Robert B. Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, testified before Congress and discussed the need for $3.6 billion just to repair installations affected by Hurricane Florence. But apparently our "liar in chief" feels it is more important to build a questionable wall than to keep our armed forces at the top of their game.

Possibly we all should be worrying more about what kind of long-term deal he has made with his other best friend, Comrade Putin.

For my money, I'll take a couple of illegal immigrants over two ruthless Communist dictators anytime.

Dennis Conrad, Akron

Voting for Milkovich

Akron Ward 10 residents are exceptionally pleased with Zack Milkovich, our current councilperson. He shows up at ward and other meetings dressed in a suit and tie to show respect for his residents. He is “on duty” 24/7 to answer any questions, come out to our homes, take coffee or soup to the homeless and call seniors or disabled persons during bad weather to see if they need food, a ride or if there is anything else he can do. He has come out to settle parking or related disputes and such matters. He never has pushed us “down the road” to get things done. He finds answers for us. He treats us all like family. What more could we ask?

Sandy Zee, Akron


Let teens decide?

I see the Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16.

All of you who are in favor of this idea, please raise one hand. Keep your hand in the air.

Now, all those in favor of allowing a 16-year-old to be in charge of your bank accounts and credit cards, raise your other hand.

Now, wave your hands to say farewell to all your money.

Joseph C. Gardner, Uniontown


Stop the hatred

As the recent spate of mass killings has shown, whether you are an anti-Semite, Islamophobe, racist or whatever else, bigotry is an equal opportunity killer. What these bigots don't seem to realize is it's much better for all of us to work together because while you are hating a group of people today, tomorrow you may be hated and then it may be your turn to be looking at the business end of a gun.

Phil Levy, Bath