Unwanted roundabout

Akron says it needs to spend $10 million a year to repair our neglected, crumbling streets (“This Is Akron,” March 18). If so, why does the city plan to waste $4.5 million on a roundabout at Canton Road and Market Street in the Ellet neighborhood?

A current fad for traffic engineers, roundabouts do have a place in rural and industrial areas, or at a renewal like Main and Mill streets. They save gas and make traffic flow safer, at least for vehicles. But the Market-Canton intersection is not such a place.

It is in a long-established and viable residential neighborhood. It needs lights to stop traffic for the dozens of children who cross Canton Road twice each school day, for the emergency vehicles leaving the fire station a half block away on Market Street, for passengers of 57 Metro buses that go through every weekday, and for funeral processions heading south on Canton to Hillside Cemetery.

Instead of an ill-advised roundabout, Ellet residents need replacement of the pitiful, pit-filled patchwork of pavement on Abington Road and High Grove Boulevard. Better yet, make the resurgent Canton Road business district pedestrian friendly by fixing a failed highway fad from decades past. Remove from the sidewalks the protruding stumps, loose bricks and iron grates, all hazardous remnants of 47 “beautification” trees. No longer in fashion, they were cut down three years ago. Restore the sidewalks without assessing the property owners.

Use some of the $4.5 million to fix that mistake first before making a new one.

Jim Weyrick, Akron


Reckless budget cut

Regarding the Trump administration's 2020 budget proposal, I am dismayed that the president is once again calling for cuts to housing assistance. America is in a housing crisis. A person earning the prevailing minimum wage cannot afford a modest two-bedroom apartment anywhere in America. However, only one in four eligible households can get housing assistance because of inadequate funding.

It is unconscionable that President Trump would propose to put more families at risk of homelessness by cutting housing assistance in his budget. Everyone deserves a roof over their head. Safe, stable housing has a positive impact on job performance and children in these environments are healthier, happier, and do better in school.

I call on our senators and representatives in Washington to reject the president's reckless budget proposals and instead increase investments in housing assistance programs.

Bruce Cratty, Akron


Where they take action

It took New Zealand exactly six days after the tragedy there to ban assault weapons.

In Ohio, and nationally, our legislators (largely Republicans) refuse to consider a ban on assault weapons because they are beholden to the National Rifle Association. This is despite polls which consistently show that the majority of Americans favor a ban on assault weapons in the home.

There is only one solution, as the Parkland students have consistently told us: Vote them out.

Mark Hilkert, Fairlawn


Um, Beto who?

Beto O'Rourke ran unsuccessfully for the Senate. Now he wants to run for president, every bit as unqualified for the presidency as Barack Obama.

The Democrats are grasping at some mighty thin straws. How depressing. I'll stick with Donald Trump.

Ray Crim, Akron